Ready for another day on the feet

Just a quick one as we wait to be picked up. I have decided or should I say opted for 3/4 length jeans, as the top of my legs are bit burnt!

Legs still ache from yesterday too but it’s all fun. We have been warned to get camera’s charged and have comfy shoes on as we are visiting a cave town! I really cannot wait. So camera is ready. But when isn’t it. You can follow my phone pics on Facebook too by the way. If you add me just say you knew me from here, as I will have no idea who you are. is my page.

Anyway to leave you all to your days for now but keep look out for last few days of the blog. We are off to Galipoli, Lecce (to a market), and all sorts! Such as lovely break.

I phoned up home yesterday and got to speak to my boy yesterday. Oh I have missed Owen’s voice, but as he told me…. He is having fun! I am glad of it too. I could hear little Ruth in background playing too. Love my babies lots and lots like Jelly Tots. Will be lovely to be back with them Saturday but loving the break here in Italy too. It is truly what we needed!

Byee for now!,+Italy/@40.4446764,17.8400237,10z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x1336e42b8db993dd:0x396fba70f8247c8f

Ps by the power of Google maps you can view the area I am at!!!


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