Human Mosquito target of the year!

How come when a person tries to get blood from me, my veins hide and they can find nothing, yet these mosquito’s have it down to a tee?!  Seriously I have 8 lovely bites so far, latest is on the back of the hand. I must be tasty as the husband hasn’t got bitten! Oh well, it’s one thing I won’t miss when I get home.

Whilst on the subject of animals and insects. There were loads of Lizards on our walk about Lendinuso. And we saw crabs at the shore too inbetween the rocks. Wish I could take home some lizards, now they would sort out the pesky house spiders at home for sure.

The back of leg sunburn is getting better by the way. The joys of being a pasty british woman eh. The leg top never see sun in our UK summer normally. So not suprised really.

Right I am off to write notes for today’s adventures blog. I find it best when I do so. Keeps memory clearer!


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