Back in Sheffield!!!

Well the time had to come didn’t it. The morning of flying back home. Early start too, as we were dropped off a few hours earlier  when Dorothy and family had to get their flight, so save Richard and Noirin driving back and forth all morning. So a few extra hours in the airport was in order. It passed quick luckily. We managed to get our bags checked in as soon as we were allowed, and managed to get the max weight allowed to a tee! Luckily!! The we went through to departures area, where I couldn’t stop setting the security gate off. When it first happened I realised I had left 2 coins in my pocket, then still went off. So sandals came off as they had metal bits on. Still went off! Ended up being frisked haha. Seems it was possibly the under wire in my bra. Anyhow I was allowed through, to do yet more waiting, more coffee and getting a nice Italian Sandwich to take on the plane. Then to passport to control where i was waved through no probs. This time it was Simon’s turn to wait, as the Caribinieri decided to thoroughly check his passport details, tapping away on the computer etc. They did let him through I am glad to say. I just guess they have a few they pick out in general, as a daily target!

So back on the plane and time to leave Italian soil. The flight was on time and landed ten minutes early again too (back in UK).

The Italians definitely proved they hate to queue during boarding and leaving the plane. On the way to UK passport control I was almost run over by a woman and her bag. Do they think the English like to queue for fun? I think not, so get in line and behave haha.

Then it was the dull drive home, but I must say I am so glad to see my young munchkins again. Even if Ruth is full of the chesty cold going about and looking shocking. So today we have done as little as possible other than so a shop and stocked up the kitchen (with some lovely Italian goods too!) and spent time have cuddles with the tiny people. Oh I did have to catch up on the Avon and sort out the boxes almost blocking the bottom of the stairs. Least they are now ready to be dispatched out tomorrow to my adoring customers.

Anyway its now a day after arriving home. I have also caught up on Downton Abbey and ready to sleep, as school runs restart next week for a week. It is then school hols for a week for Owen.

I am also developing “this time last week” syndrome, as I am sure most people do after a holiday!


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