Day 7 – Lecce Market, and Cantine Due Palme Tour

The final full day of the holiday…… the one where realisation hits that your about to head home. It was obviously a very mixed feeling bearing in my mind my little monkeys are at home waiting for me, but it means leaving the lovely weather and sights (and friends!). Ps I am typing this 2 days later so already home. Life got bit busy.

So how did we spend the last day? Well the best way ever…!! First of all at the Local twice weekly market at Lecce. Its every girl’s dream. Fifty percent of it was practically massive shoe stalls, followed closely by lots of Bag stalls and clothing stalls. Then a smaller section for food. Fresh of course and that includes the live Snails! The men weren’t in the shopping mood after a while. They swiftly headed off for a coffee after a bit. Whilst I was with said grumpy hubby, we were looking about and I happened upon the most wonderful waterproof jacket for Ruth. So as normal I approached the stall holder and asked if they spoke “Inglese”. To which he replied a little then laughed and said ” I am from England originally”. It ends up that he is Italian but was bought up in Scunthorpe and therefore a fellow Yorkshireman as such. He moved back over to Italy in 1982. His son was at the stall too (must have been 25 or so), and he didn’t speak English at all. Our friend Richard suggested we must have some kind of magnet to find fellow Yorkshire men! For the life of me I can’t remember his name. I really should have noted it in my pad after. We then looked round the food area. What an array there was. Massive Cheeses, an abundance of various fruits and veggies. Nuts, sweets, snails, and traditional meats. So wonderful to see, as it isn’t the sort of thing I get to see in Sheffield unless the Continental Market is on in town. Then even that is only a fraction of the size of what we saw in Lecce.

After treating myself to a few things when the men had disappeared and it was just us girls. We headed back towards Torchiarolo, via the local shopping centre, where it was refreshingly air conditioned. A definite contrast from the traditional market, and no different from our UK shopping centre’s. Just in a different language. But they did have a huge supermarket attached, which blows our Tesco, Morrison, Asda, etc combined out of the water. The fish counter was amazing, the fish were set out in 3 boat shaped counters. Then at one side of those were live mussels etc, and the other side there was a tank with live Lobsters in it. The Wine Department was vast to say the least and even included a bottle filling station. As in proper pumps like you would see at a petrol station. Plus the price for a litre of wine was only 1 Euro, 20 cents. If only they had these in the UK. Then obviously being Italy the Meat and Cheese areas were something to wonder at. We bought back some Mozzarella from there funnily enough.

When this second shopping excursion was over it was back to Richard and Noirin’s for a bit and after their friends Antonia and Lena turned up we headed to the Cantine Due Palme Winery for a tour and tasting. This was definitely a good way to end the holiday. We saw as much of the process as permitted, ending in the bottling area, which was shut down at the time, but impressive and good to see. It is always nice to see how these things work. Obviously I was itching to do the tasting. We tasted a red, rose and white variety, and of course and very unsuprisingly my favourite was the Sparkling Rose. The white was nice but the red was definitely not my thing. Never has been so wasn’t shocked. They also had some little snacks set out too for us all. The tour guide was new bless him, you could tell as well as he seemed fairly shy and quiet when explaining things. All the same he did well and we all enjoyed it.

After we visited the shop and purchasing a nice bottle of Rose to trudge home with me. Shock horror I think not.  It was then time for our final supper of the holiday. One final Italian pizza, followed by trying another Ice cream place. It had to be done! You always have room for Ice Cream as a few of us said.

When back at the Villa it was the time to try and reorganise the bags for the plane. The amount of shopping we had done made that a certainty. Hey, whats a girl to do when faced with buying for the kids and spotting lovely stuff for herself! It was then time to tidy up and hit the pit as I say. With a 5am start ahead of us, we needed it.

Here as always are a few pics!!

163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 199 201 202 203 204 205 207 208 210


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