And back to normal!!

Well isn’t it fun when you have to get back to normal routine after holidays. I suppose this week I have the one reprieve of the school holidays, so no school runs. Doesn’t mean I get an extra bit of time in bed each day though. Never mind eh… it’s what you sign up for when you have kids isn’t it.

I have just been doing the order inputting for latest Avon campaign tonight. Another good one too, so I will be ready for the house looking like a warehouse next Tuesday I guess. I have also enjoyed the return of Autumn Watch on BBC 2 this week so far. If people had to guess my age by just knowing what I watched on TV, I assure they would think I was 80.. not born in 1980! Nature programmes, history programmes, Antique shows, and even Scottish Gaelic TVs shows too. Not that I also find myself putting the S4C kiddies TV shows on too. Eclectic mix to say the least, just like my taste in music.

Ooo I even found a new show on 5, where the hotel inspector woman Alex Pollizi, is touring Italy, and after my recent travels, that is now on series record list! After sorting pics of Italy, the next big decision is to decide which one would look ace as a canvas picture, and/or painted picture! Those paint etc are dying to come out. The fact I have promised Owen we will do some Autumn pictures using paint, and leaves etc, might just be the thing to re-ignite the Art mojo.

Now that the holiday is done and Simon no longer works weekends, we have decided to try and get out more as a family. Already made a start with a bargain entry coupon for a Farm/Park in the Derbyshire countryside not so far from home. It has all the things the kids will love, indoor and outdoor, plus now Ruth finding her feet she can enjoy a Toddler play area even more. Now to think of more cheap fun ideas in the outdoors etc with the little people. Plus on another good side, it will mean my Camera’s can keep busy. Have a plan to do an Autumn Walk, while things are so beautiful and colourful.

So much to do this week too. Online courses to work through slowly, Avon prospecting and recruiting, Admin business to build on, and Arty stuff! Lets see how much I achieve with it being school holidays!! Time to set out a weekly plan! Doesn’t help in evenings when it is now so dark early at night though, and at 5pm it feels much later, making me just want to get Pj’s on and kids ready for bed and flop!! Hey I’m a summer baby, what do you expect I suppose! Only 6 months or so till Summer starts reappearing.

Well I’m going to sign off and hit the snooze pit now. Ready for another fun day tomorrow, which apparently involves a pumpkin and a knife. Don’t you love it when kids let you know your next days plans!

Ps, should have seen how much coffee my Driving Instructor brought back from France for us, with the £7 I gave him. I’m stocked up for ages 🙂


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