The Snore Beast

Ok so I love my dear Husband very much, but only one things bugs me….. his snoring!!! Seriously, it takes me ages to get to sleep at night, and he’s quiet as anything till I am ready to sleep mentally and physically. Always been like that sleep wise even when kids are fast on, takes forever for me to wind down mentally. Anyway, back to the Hubby…. soon as my brain feels need to sleep, his brain must have some way of secretly knowing. That’s when the Snore Beast awakens. It waits and lurks in the distance waiting for me  I swear down!

Yet again he lurks tonight! 11.30pm and having to drown it with the MP3 player, and even then I can sometimes hear the snoring over that.

Been a good week though I guess. The usual Avon stuff, spending more time with Owen due to school holidays, and watching Ruth as she is fast discovering the joys of walking. Still intermittent with it mind you, but big brother was the same, so she obviously like Owen in that sense. We shall wait and see what next week brings with her progress.

I also managed to sign up a new Avon rep today too, so I now have a team of 5, 2 of them new to the team this month. Now to bag more. I am seriously getting into this Sales Leader malarchy, definitely feel more confident in myself and what I am capable of. Plus found a site where I could possibly get further leads, leading to further team members with any luck. Best get out prospecting next week too come to think of it.

Today was also spent, doing the usual cleaning duties and such like, being back to full mummy mode after holidays. The camera’s also got a full battery charge up session, ready for a little trip outdoors tomorrow. Still to decide which one to take out but they are both prepped. So no sleep in tomorrow, specially if we want to charge up satnav beforehand. Lets just say a week in the airport car park service left it a little flat. Looking forward to getting out tomorrow, even if can’t decide between a trip to the Farm Park we have tickets for or save that for another day and go for a lovely Autumn stroll at a big park not too far away. I’m itching to capture those autumnal images while everything is beautiful.

Next week, I should get busy. Re-ignite the craft mojo, return of the school run, avon prospecting, try and do a few more modules of my online courses. Thats just a few things. How much coffee will I need to get down to deal with it all?? Maybe the 6 packets of coffee from the driving instructor might just do it. Lmao!

Ps nice to see a nice little list of followers growing of the blog. You’re all brilliant, and patient with my many ramblings you must have to trawl through. I know some people might think I’m mental or something, but being on here helps me clear my crazily busy mind and relax a little. Maybe I just over think at times. Who knows!! But Thank you for following. I do try to look at yours too I promise 🙂

Right the old brain starting to cave in, at last! So I shall bid you all goodnight, ready for a crazy and hopefully fun weekend!


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