Candlemaking and drain blocking!

Yesterday I tried a new craft! Candlemaking! Really enjoyed it to be honest. I used a starter set which I got last December. It’s only taken 11 months to open it and play, a sure sign I have kids. Anyway it was all great, I have made 4 candles in the end. One in a cup, one in a small glass, a sphere candle and a normal upright one. Only had basic equipment, so nothing major wow. Here they are…

candle 1 candle 2 candle 3 candle 4

Tried to make them 2 tone with the limited colour sticks I had. And they are by no means  perfect but a good first attempt. Found a way to keep me at the cooker at least! The cleaning up after  was fun (not) and caused a  lovely block in the outside pipe…discovered and unblocked by a plumber in end. Only put us a back £5 though. Anyone would think I had poured wax down plug with the amount that came out. Was simple mistake of not warming pipes before and during clean up process. Lesson learned and yes I will be investing in some more candle making kit! As usual with my brain I have so many ideas. But I also had a tip from my friends about using wax crayons for colouring wax. So a trip to get kids crayons this week too! Maybe get to a charity shop for a few cups and saucers too. Though I am sure I have a few which belonged to my nan Ruth too, somewhere in the box room/cupboard.

Owen also had a few crafty hours today. The paints came out and he loved it. I really should do this more often for him. Here he is the happy chappy!

owen crafting

After all that fun, we a re now cleared and tidied up, ready to get the monkeys ready for bed in time for my last Downton Abbey evening of the series. Surely this means wine, and a comfy bed. Washing also all done, specially after finding the blockage had caused water to back up into washing machine from last night, thank goodness some mucky clothes were already in there for washing, as soaked up most of it. Still was excess coming out when I opened it up though. Again lesson learned!

Had a good de-clutter this week too. A few of Owen’s old toys and that sort of thing. Hate clutter, would rather things go to anew home if not worth trashing. So hopefully some kiddies going to get some happiness out of them! Plus 3 bags of clothes to clothing bins at Tesco. Then I got 2 big plastic boxes for the kids toys in the living room. Keep things  tidy as much as possible!

So yeah my week has been Avon Orders and deliveries, de-cluttering and blocking drains, and next week no doubt going to be different again but just as hectic. Hoping to see at least one of my mummy friends for a coffee, plus Avon to pay after last 2 deliveries! Then I can chill for a few days, so maybe try and source some candle making stuff. Plus try and do some courses, and business stuff.

Right time to fly. A certain tiny girl looks ready for a bottle before bed. And I so need to be ready to chill by at least 8pm! So sad its the last Downton of the series 😦


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