Aaaaarrrghhh Stressed Mum alert!

Oh dear! Last night must have been worse one so far recently. Sleep wise and disturbance wise (from everyone and everything!).

Couldn’t sleep till after midnight, and then it  was crappy as kept waking up hearing little madam whinging.

3am(ish) Owen comes in room due to a “growing spider” in the corner of his room. Then start the octopus in the bed act so couldn’t settle.

4am – Simons alarm goes off for his 5am start. More octopus legs and arms, and motor mouthing from the boy. And… noise from Ruth. (She only had 2 half bottles before bed though so can understand that part. Decide to feed and change her. Put her back in bed and BOOM, first major tantrum of the day.

So to let Owen sleep before school all I can do is take Ruth downstairs into playpen, so she can sleep if needs be but play in meantime. Dim the lights and put on Baby TV channel. Lovely she stays calm but not exactly asleep…yay! I opt for the small not majorly comfy 2 seater sofa, and a Toy Story throw!!

Then the thirstiest Guinea Pig in the world decides he needs an half hour drink, in the noisiest way possible.

Hour later if that, Owen comes downstairs (even though I have been nice enough to let him rest before school). Asking many silly questions he knows the answers too, and then starts playing Angry Birds Star Wars on his tablet, at what he calls a turned down volume. Think I had an hour after that, I was so tired the noise made no difference.

And I cant even blame Simons snoring this time, as that was quite mild. Then came school prep and school run, and since then madam had 2 further tantrums!!!

Stressed isn’t in it today. Not going out today, candle making later this afternoon though. So waiting for someone to fall asleep so I can get some kip.

Rant over, stressed Mum alert!!! Need I prove the point more. Ruth proper learning “the eye” from me when she has a fit at me. You know the look! The one mum’s give as a warning sign to stop NOW. Don’t even need words sometimes!

And now breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps If you have any advice on beating this Insomnia pleeease let me know!


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