People come, People go!

Wow what I day I had! First of all I learn’t one thing. Three 1 year olds together equals lots of noise and attention seeking. Basically I signed up a new rep (a friend of mine), and she was due around same day as I was with Ruth, but had her twin boys 2 months early or so. So obviously they came along to the sign up. We are Mum’s together, so know exactly how they act at this age. All I can say is when one starts crying and attention seeking ALL will follow. Was quite funny to be honest. Like a surround sound system at full blast. Anyway on a serious note, I now have a new team member in my Avon team. Thats 2 in the past 2 or 3 weeks. Not bad. I also discovered one I signed up just before the Italy holiday, didn’t even give it a chance, even with all the support I was offering, so thats 1 down, then 2 up. Just shows though that you can’t win them all. You must put in hard work and effort to create the wanted result. Some people sometimes just lack the confidence or time I am guessing. Just would have been nice to see some effort 😦
Onwards and upwards though. More recruiting to be done! I have also added territory to the Hubby’s avon account. Plan to canvas that just after Xmas and New Year. I have already prepped the slips to go with the catalogues for next 4 books. Want a nice chilled Christmas. Even having a quiet one this year.
My next task for the year end is to do a schedule (for all its worth), to try and organise where to fit in setting up the Admin business, and the online courses, (and crafting!!!) into the scheme of things. I seem to have got into a time muddle. Yes Avon is way up there, as its a levelled constant thing now, so surely with that routine in place it means I can factor in other things alongside. And I miss my crafting/Me-time, when Owen doesn’t insist on trying to help. Sometimes crafting alone is fun you know.
Talking of crafting. Candle making got postponed as my friend was ill the other day, but its back on schedule for tomorrow evening. Looking forward to it. Have told Owen he can be in the room, only as long as he behaves when told to keep away from certain processes. Candle making is hot stuff. And NO I am not going to aim to block the outside drain pipe this time. Going to be a good girl 🙂
Tonight has been Avon Admin evening, updating records and territory etc. As well as watching Im a celebrity! Which is far better now a certain person has left the jungle. And again Insomnia is saying Hello. Probably doesn’t help that I decide to stare at a screen in the end to type a blog, but I am starting to feel drowsy now. Maybe outcasting my thoughts is helping. Dont want to be too zombied in morning. One of the Mum’s from school is popping round for a brew after older kids dropped off. We have planning it for month’s, but life always delays these things by throwing obstacles etc in your path. Thats motherhood for you.
Right I am going to get off, and try to sleep. After probably a few goes on Candy Crush Soda on my phone. Damn addictive games.
Night all 🙂


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