2015 almost here already??

Well after last week and reaching breaking point, I have decided December is wind down month. I will do what NEEDS doing and not worry about the extras which aren’t urgent in reality. I am so grateful for my friend Carmel too. One night popped up to hers for a few hours, and just got away from it all and talked about all things crafty, then on Friday afternoon we decided to leave our hubbies with the respective kids, and escape to local village for a meal and pub trip! Well I can’t tell you how much this has helped. It has to become more of a regular thing. Im not a person for a big social circle and its nice just to have handful of those friends who you can really to connect to.

I also made more candles last week. Here are a few pics……

more new candles new candles

Mainly gifts as of now. Just a few more needed then time to go mad and try some funky ideas out. See my head never stops producing ideas. Shame I never get time to try them all. There lies one of my probs where my brain never switches off at end of the day.

We found the root of Ruth’s sleepless probs too. The big back teeth poking out! Looks painful and we have been giving her the trusty Calpol to help. Just time now the key to the problems ending. That mixed with seasonal cold symptoms…great mix!

Owen has taken little cards and tealights to his teachers today. He doesn’t know I added to the gift bags so the teachers have a choccy too. Handmade gifts are the best.

Talking of 2015 coming close, I have rejigged my thinking a bit, so December is time to relax a bit, and plan time management for 2015, so next year can be a bit more successful, production wise in all my ventures. So on the menu so to speak will be the crafting/photography, Avon and the Admin business set up. AND being a little selfish and having some time out every so often. Not feeling guilty for it either. I spend all my time and effort on the family and none on me at the moment. Simon has his daily computer sessions after work, why shouldn’t I do my crafting once in a while. Owen and Ruth are like my shadows a lot and maybe I have got so used to it I feel I am not allowed Me time. Has to stop though. I am still in the house, just doing stuff I want to once in a while. Plus now Ruth proper on the move, and I am getting used to it, maybe I can learn to fit things round her better, now we have reached the pinnacle of activity so to speak.

On the health side (family wise), its not the greatest the next few weeks. I am talking about my dear daddy (who turned 64 yesterday!!). He has another angiography on Wednesday, a few years after the last one and subsequent stent he had to have after that. He has been getting worse again though. Then my younger sis has some kind of stomach problem, so this week yet another blood test for her and a camera down into the stomach! This definitely adds to my stress, I hate when they are suffering :(.

I have put a short stop on driving lessons, to work in line with my chill down December. They restart from start of January. Might just be a help in many ways. Plus getting a tad costly!

For now I am looking to what is happening this week only. Avon delivery is due tomorrow, so blast them out and get Avon paid asap, rest of time, fit in candle making as a few gifts left to make. Oh I almost forgot to tell you about the wonderful bits I found on a trip out on Saturday. There is this old Antique shop in Castleton (Derbyshire), anyway I found more cups and saucers etc for candles. I also tried a new taste sensation, that I have refused for years…. Hot Roast Chestnuts!!! They taste like buttery jacket potato… I have been missing out! Took a few pics while in Castleton!

castleton 1 castleton 2 castleton 3

So beautiful at this time of year, and here are my new bits for candle making….

container 1 container 2 container 3 container 4

They will make some lovely one off candles. The flat pink one is Moorcroft pottery too! Looking forward to working with these!!!

Right off for a coffee now!!


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