Tis the season….. for germs!

Hello from a lurgy filled household. Each one of us succumbing to the sickness bug or in the queue waiting patiently in line to acquaint ourselves with the sick bucket. Lovely eh. Wasn’t a bad week till Thursday night/Friday morning, Saturday night hubby has started. Thought Owen was almost better and he has fallen back to square one. Now I am fearing me and Ruth are next. So will be a full house tomorrow. No work or school for the boys!

My friend is off on hols this coming week, so if I do get it , it can be out of way for when she is home! I have to say I am so happy to have a close local friend who leads a similar life to me. Another crafter, who is helping me get back into cross stitch. Got a few thing planned into next year 🙂 Including catching a show in town. But that’s not till spring time. Our kids are of similar age too, though hers have various health problems mainly long term so she definitely has a little more to stress over than I do.

So this week will include bit of craft, most likely being sick, and placing final pre xmas Avon order. And the usual house work. You cannot avoid that ill or not! I may even try and log onto some of my online courses given the chance.

Update on my dad…. His heart is working ok, the stent doing its job so they are now going to look into his breathing, ie… more tests! In the meantime, my sis is back in hospital tomorrow for an Endoscopy, then later in week my Dad has 2 Eye appointments. Poor people may as well rent a place there!

At the minute it is just me and Ruth downstairs while Sick and Sicker console each other upstairs. I have my coffee for company too though. Forget diamonds! Coffee is my best friend! Ruth has just woke from a small nap so no doubt she is awake till 9 now! Oh you can just see how start of week going to pan out already can’t you. Just hope its not nasty frosty ice conditions this week as it was yesterday morning. I do not like Winter a lot as you may be able to tell. I have in prep for getting germs myself sorted washing out, and cleaned the guinea pigs out. Going to need washing machine if Ruth gets it. They say no dairy but Ruth only likes milk, so if she does get the bug, we are just going to have to clean up sick for days. Not looking forward to that.

Ooooo I have found some ace Cross Stitch patterns to work on ….. Including Owl themed Star Wars and Owl themed Doctor Who. Also been sorting out my craft bits and bobs. Thought if I tidy up and organise I might just get something done. So time shall tell. Also Owen seems to be taking on the crafting bug…. keeps wanting to do things, but obviously not this weekend. He loves drawing Daleks and is getting quite good at it for a 5 year old. Might just try and send one in to the magazine for him! Here’s hoping he actually takes after Mummy in some way via crafting, as he is Daddy’s double looks wise.

Tonight though I will be watching Strictly and X-Factor, and feeding Ruth, then letting her let off steam till she is tired again. Then maybe I can sleep, as long as the bug doesn’t strike.

Here are pics of Owens little Guinea Pigs, Cheese and Whiskers. Gave them hugs earlier and was quite calming on the soul!!

cheese whiskers

They seem to be more used to me than anyone else!

I best go and release Ruth from her playpen and get her last feed ready. Oh and check on the sick boys. Least I haven’t got to get up early and do school run in the morning!


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