Christmas or preparing for disaster???

Well today, I had the unenviable task of having to do a big shop (after Si finished his shift at work)! Involving a normally just over an hour journey by bus normally. I say normally, as it took 2 hours, with a pushchair on busy buses. With rude or should the word ignorant be more appropriate people thrown in too. The amount of people out there today was crazy. Either they are very unorganised or preparing for a bad disaster to occur. Its only one day the shops are shut. I suppose the fact I didn’t eat or have a coffee before heading out as well as the journey on top, put me in the foul mood I ended up in when I got there. I was most definitely not in the mood to shop! We did pick up some more pods for the latest coffee machine at last, been a week or so without any coffee from that machine.

Tomorrow I wont be heading out as waiting for Avon delivery, plus with Ruth filling with snot again, maybe best to keep her in. Plus Owen back from Grandads tomorrow, after wanting to go over for 2 nights. After week he had he deserved some fun, who could deny him that!

Got some fabby ideas for cross stitch to work on, including gifts for the man who loves footy, and some Scottish themed designs. Some already in patterns, some yet to design myself. Since sorting out and organising my stuff, things feeling a little less messy. Even had a break through with my ideas mojo… had an idea for a dragonfly pattern, which woke me up so had to write it down. Been ages since that has happened. I have decided to ditch trying crochet and knitting, after realising I already have card making, jewellery making, framing, cross stitch and sewing, Candle making, Art AND decopatch stuff to play with. And obviously with me not launching craft business yet it also means when I do I have all the materials ready to do so now.

All I need to do this year now is to do a priority list for 2015, and obviously deliver last lot of Avon for 2014. So that will be done maybe just after Xmas, though can start it before. But definitely want to chill with my family too, specially with Si having 4 days off in a row!! With all the TV repeats on I am sure I will get fed up of the Telly at times. Apart from Doctor Who and Downton Abbey specials coming on!!

Well I’m gonna love you and leave you for the night. And if I don’t blog before the big day….have a good one!


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