My end of year review!!

Well can you believe we are 3 days from the end of 2014? Where has it gone?! Seems to have really flown this year. Had some really good times, and loved being with my babies all year. Even if at times things have got stressful. I have been some great places, old and new. Old as in Northumberland, where I learnt to feel at peace with putting the past to rest. There is no reason why past hurt should ever stop anyone ever going somewhere or seeing friends again. The you realise how much you missed the place. People are people and there is nothing you can do about some of them. What is important is moving ahead and growing from all experiences whether they be good or bad. New places included the Puglia area of Italy. It was Simon’s first trip to the country and my third. It was great to visit the places. I really could have done with staying a few more weeks to visit places like Monopoli, etc. My favourite places would have to be Alberobello, Matera and Lecce. The lifestyle there is so different to ours and they are surrounded by such wonderful history. And to think that it took a while to persuade me a week out of the country child free would be ok. It actually taught me I can take time out without feeling guilty. So in 2015, I aim to be a little selfish and grab me time a little more often. Otherwise I may just go past the point of mental.

I also learnt this year that there is such a thing as trying to do too much. All the plans I had at the start of 2014, and how much did I get through it all? Not even anywhere near halfway. All because I tried to take too many ideas on, got into a mental over-ride, which made me stressed and now feel like I am back at square one, plans wise. STILL trying to work out how to start on S20 Admin business. Lost my creative mojo for a while back in the year too. I basically ploughed everything into the Avon side of things, which to be honest meant more hours, and I haven’t exactly seen financial reward for doing so. Ended up taking on an extra round for Simon, plus everything else I wanted to do, and the wee ones, recruiting is just not the right thing for me right now. So I have decided to simplify that side of things. Revert back to plain old Rep, wind down Simons account, and get my Sales Leader to put his territory onto mine. Make it one slightly bigger round. Only one set of paper work etc to deal with. Then I can concentrate the time on Crafting, doing the course I literally started and done nothing on since, and finally start up with S20 Admin. Don’t get me wrong I still love Avon and the customer base I have gathered, but I definitely prefer the repping  side.

In preparation for 2015, I have been decluttering the house slowly over the past week. Having a tidy house, will make a tidy mind and hopefully make my plans come into fruition. I also think going through all my crafting stuff has helped me realise how much I have to work with, and that its a perfect way to start up the Craft business side. I have enough to set up easy enough now. I may like to be clutter free in the rest of things in my life, but hell yeah I have a craft hoarding problem. Now I know what is where now, and ideas and my crafting mojo starting to resume a semi-normal service instead of a dormant one. I have some ace bits and bobs I forgot about. It also made me slow back on looking at the recent craft sales a bit. Though I have had a mini splurge but only a few things I actually needed.

I even did some crafting this week gone. I got a plain wooden sewing storage box from my Sis in law. Anyway that very same day out came the stamps I’ve want to decoupage with and my glue. I am very happy with the result too. Here it is 🙂

sewing box

And I still have LOTS of stamps left. It also has felt lining in lid and under the box now too. Now to find something else to cover in stamps. I have a few ideas to mix my framing with cross stitch and paper crafting, as I got some lovely frames the other week. Craft has a lot of perks too. Made a wonderful friend in Carmel, who funnily enough has only been minutes away by bus all this time. Anyway we see each other weekly now, and she will be a very helpful guide to me as I try to rekindle my cross stitching skills. We are doing craft skill trade offs at the minute haha 🙂 I also help her out and vice versa when we are going through those stressed mummy moments. Its nice to have someone to talk to and drag you from the dark place. She is coming to mine for a few hours on New Years Eve for Drinks and snacks, will be fun, as she never does anything on NYE normally. I on the other hand love to stay up and see the year out and the new one arrive. Obviously being a Lady of Glencoe and loving all things Scottish, its very much all about Hogmanay, which is normally on TV in the background. This year I have even purchased Haggis. Haggis and Prosecco woohoo!

Oh I also will be meeting a few more crafty friends from Sheffield. So 2015 should be good. It is definitely something I need to do more of. I may not be a person who has a wide circle of close friends but a good smallish selection is wonderful to me!

The kids have enjoyed the past week. Well apart from the bugs still attacking us. Ruth is finally back to herself (almost), after getting a really bad cold. Which ended up with us having not a lot of sleep and a very unhappy little girl. She is still a bit chesty with it but back to her cheeky old self. Owen is fine too. He is overjoyed with his new toys, as most kids would be. I got to make use of the vouchers for them in the sales too. Owen had one for Toys, so got him Lego. Ruth’s was for Next. Lets just say I am a Next junkie, and love their kids range, so she got her vouchers worth and then some! Some proper bargains. All 18-24 month bits, ready for her next stage. It was a child free trip too, with Carmel, who had same idea for her two girls. We were most definitely in our elements. And Cake and Coffee was involved too, which is always a bonus.

Oh how can I not mention Downton Abbey too?! A  two hour televisual delight, where for once NOBODY DIED at Christmas 🙂 Instead there was a long awaited proposal, and happiness all round. Which made my day!

The snow hit us on Boxing Day. Normally Sheffield gets away with the least snow. Not this time! Was beautiful to watch from inside a nice warm house, but thank goodness I have my ice grips…. those paths are a bit slippy out. Owen was down twice within minutes earlier when he was helping me finally deliver book. One minute he was doing splits, a few minutes later was straight on his bum and back! Poor lad. Got final books to deliver tomorrow and goods to deliver, weather permitting though. Don’t want to be hurting myself in dark on the ice. The customers will just have to understand this once if its delayed to Tuesday or Wednesday. Want the snow to go away now already.

Hey Ho just seen the time. I best go hit the sack. In case I am not on before Thursday………….Happy New Year 🙂 x


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