Addicted to X-stitch!

Morning all. Its apparently that Monday of they Year where you feel more depressed than normal. That’s every Monday morning for me….. I have to get up for school run. Anyway… sorry about lack of blogs, not spent as much time on computer due to cross stitching addiction.

To be honest not a great deal has happened past few weeks. Usual Avon runs, which feels easier now I have simplified my routine. Crafting. The normal madness with the kids. Not even been “out” out.  The hubby did though on Saturday. We had babysitting issues so I opted to stay home with the kids and let the hubby free. Instead I invited Carmel round for wine and crafting. Was nice and probably best idea as it has been freezing out there. It was good as snacks were all healthy. We are both trying to be good. So it was Sushi, Salad and WW dessert. Plus lower calorie Rose Wine! Not bad eh.

At the minute I am working on a cross stitch project, where the middle part is from a pattern in a magazine, the rest is my imagination going mad, and I love it. Have other plans too. The craft mojo is returning and I am so happy about that.

Still no progress on Admin Business or courses, but that will change. I also have a second shooter job at a wedding on Valentines day with my friend Mel. Looking forward to that.

The kids are all good, though Owen seems to be going through a sensitive patch at the minute, easy to cry at slightest thing. Ruth is mad as ever. Very happy and toys everywhere at the moment. Took her to a playgroup the other day for the first time and she loved it, so Thursday we will be going again. She has now mastered the tipping of the toy box and getting it emptied quicker. Very impressive.

This week I haven’t a lot of Avon to do so, want to update my sites, finish that x-stitch and try do some more course stuff, etc. Today is also washing day, one load in and another ready to go in for after this one is done. The joys of being a grown up. Im 35 this year 😦 Definitely over the hill. Its ok though as Simon just turned 37 bless him. Did big shop last week online while he was at work. Was great as got to stick to the list, and wasn’t on the snack hunt, and it came to a much better price. No need to veer off the list every time. Saves money to start with.

Right I am off to change tv channel and have coffee. Oh and redress Ruth as she now seems to be half naked lol… 1 sock and her trousers are now on the floor. Got to love kids!


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