Destashing and Planning

Bird Cushion Back

Bird Cushion Front

Well what a week! Started as normal with me hating Monday mornings (more than than the others! Poor Mondays get victimised don’t they!). Anyway as the week has gone on tried to get more pro-active, managing to make sure all Avon delivered, and paid up at bank, done Hubby’s banking, posting crafty goods to fellow Facebook crafters (with more to post tomorrow) and made sure I made it to playgroup with little Ruth again. It definitely seems to be a benefit to her. She mixes well and plays nicely, and is engaged. Plus I am making new friends, and ones who have need for Ruth’s old clothes, which is always a bonus.

On another good note, I have started destashing some crafty bits, as I really have more than I need, which some of it I probably won’t use as have enough to last a lifetime. So via the power of Facebook groups I am a member of, I am keeping some bits aside for a gifting routine, some I am selling, and some pieces may be handy for something myself and Carmel are going to do together. Which is still in planning stage.

Basically I am trying to organise my time and my surroundings better than I did in 2014. Meeting another crafty friend tomorrow with some wool for her, and posting some more bits I have sold. Oh and this weekend is when I have to collect my Avon books in. I have sorted out my admin bits for Avon tonight too, as well as update and check my Arts and crafts website. Sunday will be nice as Carmel, myself and another Crafty person from Facebook are lunching together. Told hubby he was to be abandoned for a few hours the poor man. But one does need time out, kids are tiring at times! Plus dcluttering as delivering Ruth’s old clothes to Emma from Playgroup, and my Avon leader taking some spare books off my hands!! All in all hope to make sure it’s a good weekend, which includes chilling in the evening courtesy of good crappy Saturday night tv. Plus some nice Rose might be nice with it!

On Monday I also completed my latest cross stitch project that I am sure I mentioned in the previous blog. The finished atricle is pictured!

Still a few things to get started on/concentrate more on as yet… ie admin course, jewellery design course, photography course and Admin business plan. But hopefully decluttering surroundings will help with that process. Plus getting out and socialising more will help me with plans.

Anyway I best hit the pillow, busy day tomorrow and Si working so kids with me too. I’m sure they will enjoy, plus going to wait for Si to get home before I go book collecting. Which is probably not as bad as taking them to the shops which I will be doing!! Wish me luck!


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