Destashing = Hardwork!

Well its a Sunday, I am trying to get rid of a stinking cold, and I’ve got a head ache. Trust me to catch the lurg off Ruthy. She is currently sat at my side licking Prawn Crackers and trying to get her yucky hands over everything. She is looking pretty chuffed with herself though. Owen is at Grandad’s for the day, his request!
We had more snow this week, as predicted and Owen even had a snow day from school, which is rare as compared to other school’s in the area, his is Hardcore and rarely does a Snow day!Most of the ice has gone now, which is a relief, as it is the one thing I hate about Winter.
I have started my crafty destash, and it is slowly proving fruitful, things are going bit by bit, but only as I am posting in many groups and have to keep bumping my posts. Also doing a Sale event on my page for handmade stock I am selling at reduced prices. No time limit for it and sold 6 cards so far. Here’s hoping more go. The more I sell the less cluttered my mind is getting. Meaning more time to work on future plans.
Got a busy week ahead with Avon deliveries, business plans etc, and courses. Also catch up with Carmel, Playgroup, start a new Cross Stitch, and await lots of new goddies in the post! Then week after or should I say the Weekend after.. I am taking my cameras out for some work as a second shooter at a Wedding for my friend. Sounds fun, just hope the weather behaves, as not exactly a local job. Its a day away from the house, even if I am to be on my feet all day, and a bit of money for my effort too. Then week after that it is Owen’s School holidays. A week of no school runs. Can’t be too bad.
We missed Playgroup Thursday because of the weather. Bet nobody turned up to be honest.
Right now I think it is time for my favourite caffeine drink, plus Ruth keeps trying to type for me or throw things at me, so best give her some more attention. So I shall say Goodbye for now!!


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