Lazy Sunday Morning!!!

Morning all,

Bit of a slow start today. Quiet ish too as little man doing usual school holiday thing of wanting to stay at Grandads for a few nights. We don’t stop him of course… I think it is essential he enjoys that Grandad bond at this age. I lost my best Grandad when I was 6, so missed out alot so to speak.

How was your Valentines day then? I didn’t do alot. More Craft destashing and sorting! I was supposed to be a second shooter at a wedding but on Thursday the groom was taken to hospital. Turns out from asking my friend who I was supposed to be helping, that he has Cancer and the wedding was originally booked for June but brought forward. We have no details on how bad it is, but from events this week, I would say you dont need a crystal ball to realise! So my heart goes out to them this weekend. Also no Flowers, Cards etc. Hey I am used to that, Simon isn’t a “card” person!

Ruthy news…… she won’t stop climbing things!!! Talk about having no fear. Move aside Evil Knevel. I think I just spelled that ok. If not, oh well! We have also been searching through her next stage clothes, as it is now transition time. Have most bits so its just odds and sods left that we need, but I am on to that. Also have bags ready to go to out of the house. Even the hubby has sorted his stuff out. Seems we are all on a declutter.

My craft declutter has spread to jewellery making bits and some die cutting pieces from my Sizzix collection. All now listed on Facebook and fingers crossed people want them.

Still no joy on setting time aside to start admin business or courses. But that WILL change! Not sure what will get done this week being school holidays and having 2 noise makers running around like loons. Scary when I say that as only used to be one uncontrollable beast. Now Ruth runs about like a nutter too. No playgroup on Thursday either so need to make plans which dont cost much money either. Specially with the fact we soon learn Simons fate at work. Like all Tesco Team Leaders, he will be demoted within weeks. Okay so they will be doing compensations etc and Redundancy options like expected but a week on Monday he will get to know whats what! So it looks like it all change again, but I am adaptable, so we will cope.

What I do need to do this coming week is start a crafty project to chill me out. Will probably be a helpful thing to do for my sanity. Also have some great bits to create needle minders. To those who wonder what that is…. its a magnetised fancy thing which minds your needles when you do cross stitch etc. I have to say now things getting cleared and sorted my mind feels a bit more free and creative. No doubt soon house will be super minimalist with Ruth about. Bearing in mind she can reach shelves with her climbing skills , so they are now cleared!

Oh on a good note, will be paying holiday off this coming week too! Roll on May and South Wales! ANd hoping that the remnants of our colds go away, as fed up of the germs. I am becoming a cleanaholic again…. Antibac Helen!!!!!

Right I best dash…. Got to get ready, and collect latest Avon books in 🙂 And later finish off my bottle of wine, with our steak! In the meantime I will mostly be drinking coffee though. Ps talking of coffee, may be doing more than drinking the stuff if Si takes up an opportunity his Cousin has given him.

Happy Sunday everybody!!


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