Don’t you just love a Wedding?

Had some great news other day!!! My friend Carmel managed to get her man to settle on a day for her wedding after being engaged 8 years or so. And she has asked me to help her plan. After having 2 of my own and the odd wedding photography job under my belt, I can’t say no 🙂 Oh I am also chief hen it seems. Meaning next April/May I have to have planned the best crafty, wine filled, non lary (thank goodness) Hen do! I say thank goodness as none of us want lary. We are all getting on, well I am they will still be under 30 as I head towards 35. But  we don’t want lary, dressing up crazy, etc. Pampering, wine and food are main 3 thoughts. Plus we are all a crafty minded bunch, so I could look into an activity. Main thing is we all have kids and needs to be cheap but memorable in a good way. Plus her family aren’t close, so may be helping her dress shopping. The fun of it all, though I obviously wouldn’t want to be doing it for myself all again.

At the minute she is bouncing off the walls and head everywhere, so going to have a girly night tomorrow, take the pad and pen and get things listed basically to start with. Maybe then she may relax a bit 🙂 Food, Wine, Gossip and Wedding planning. Perfect! I am obviously gifting her the service of Wedding pics, as all she needs is the pics on disc then wants to make a scrapbook of them after herself. She has other friends doing other bits as well, so even if family aren’t really having input, she isn’t alone.

Oh its a budget wedding too. We aim to get it to cost as little as possible, definitely under the £1000 mark. Bearing in mind her friendship circle can all make things towards it, should be a doddle! So roll on tomorrow night. Ps hubby has no choice in me going out, executive decision, he is off to football Saturday afternoon anyway.

At the moment Owen has his friend from school round for a few hours playtime. It is his friends first ever playdate as such, but he seems happy enough. Lets just say I have had hyper boy checking his watch all morning, and saying “What time is it? How long till Thomas arrives?”. I now have some food in oven for their dinner. And a one off treat, they can eat in Owen’s room. Plus Ruthy asleep in living room, so don’t want her afternoon nap disturbing.

I have just kitted up latest Cross Stitch project. Its called Tranquil Tulip. Its smallish but wow it has lots of threads needed for it. Anyway the craft tray ready just need to measure up the 25ct  material for it, get it on frame and away we go. Also still waiting for postman to bring me some goodies craft wise. Then also another trip to post office with more destash goodies.

Fun afternoon ahead and the sun is shining. Got one sleeping beauty and one happy boy. Now to check on their dinner.

Speak later and hope the sun is shining for you too!!!


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