Coffee is GOOD for me!!!

Morning/Afternoon! Saw the most amazing new on TV this morning. 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day can help lower risk of clogging arteries and heart attacks. Boom!!! I’m being a good girl then fulfilling my caffeine habit!

Anyway other news. Si had his first demotion consultation meeting last week for his options and having another today. The consultation period ends in April. His options aren’t too bad to be honest. Ok we may end up on less per annum but we can work it and will get some help from tax credits too fingers crossed. Plus if money goes down a certain Missy should qualify for free 2 year old nursery placement. 3 hours per weekday. Would be nice even though would never get a job in that 3 hour gap as would only end up doing an hour after travels to a place and leaving to pick her up. Roll on her becoming 5 and full time at school. We can and will adapt. My new motto is be ready and aware for anything to happen. Specially these days with the world going to pot. I can happily say if I had to run and leave with bare minimum in a few bags for essentials to survive for the family, fine! As long as my family are alive and safe, material things are just a bonus and not all necessary. Slightly bizarre you may say but  after realising how much stuff I have that never use, and doing a destash (which is ongoing!) I feel slightly better mentally. Especially knowing I don’t need some things and can get rid.

I am also making changes in my life and working towards something I let go in my life years ago. The knowledge, influence and social circle I had then made me a much calmer person, and its true that you don’t know what you’ve got till its gone. And I’m going to get it back, and be a better person for me and my family. Will probably make me a less worried and stressed person again which is always a good example to show the kids. Oh I am also trying to eat better. Even back to eating fruit daily and trying to ignore the bad stuff. Wine is still on menu, mostly lower calorie stuff but odd good bottle thrown in.

I have been asked to be Second Shooter to 2 more weddings with my friend in past few days too. One this July, all day, quite local. One next July, all day, but as further from home means a night away (which I will enjoy!), leave kids with daddy for a night hehe! So that’s May and part of July planned for 2016. Madness!! May includes a hen night, a wedding (which I’m doing pics as a gift for my friend), then a few weeks after the family holiday back in beloved Glencoe!  Trying not to plan too far ahead but hey if I have been asked then can’t refuse these opportunities.

I have started another cross stitch project even…. which is quite relaxing to go to at end of noisy evening, just after kids had mad half hour then gone to bed. Its also a pretty much more complicated design to last 2 I have done this year. and on smaller gridded material. Getting into it now though, was quite a bit to get used to initially. But how it soothes my mind and soul!

I did have a good strop at EE phone network yesterday though. I looked on the app and said I was due an upgrade last May. Now obviously I knew I had already taken it, so phoned them to query their records. Well the woman listened and said ok she would change to March/April 2016. Which was right, as took up a 24 month contract. So…. later on I checked. I couldn’t believe it, as now upgrade date said June 2013. Like what????? So phoned them back and got though to a man this time, and tried to explain, was like to talking to a brick wall. In end he said well would you like to upgrade anyway. Bearing in mind Samsung s6 is out soon, I asked about S5, but still pricy. So in the end until then he has changed me to SIM only, with no more insurance payments. Meaning I am saving at least £20 a month now, all thanks to a little complaining. I got a good result, so wont hear me complaining now. If the man insisted I was on 13 month contract then that is what I was on, even though I was telling him I wasn’t all time. Trying to be the good citizen etc, seems it pays off! Just need to wait for S5 price to go down by Summer. But have been trying to cut costs anyway alongside destashing. Which was also good as sold my big set of professional art pens this week too. Ok I got nowhere near what I paid for them originally but got half of it back.

Me and my friend have been busy talking weddings again. She isn’t getting married till May 2016 but seems to be on the ball. We are now buying stuff to do all the hand made bit and bobs we respectively  need to do on our list. So soon I will be making oodles of candles and a set of glitter glasses, as well as the ring box, and various other bits. Including the Bridal party jewellery! Will be fun! So hunting for cheapest priced supplies has already commenced. I  hunt and let her know what I have discovered. Though have helped out as pa wedding  gift by getting a few things myself. With there being a budget thought would be a more appreciated gift along with the free wedding photography I will be doing!

The Avon side of things is going good as normal, but still not had time to do any course or plan admin business but things happen when ready at moment. I will get round to it very soon. I also have another cross stitch project to start alongside other as the new one will be a Stitch-Along, where a group of us do a page a month of the chart. I have picked a cute Fox!

Talking of British Wildlife, after last night there is one less Badger out there thanks to my Dad. And one damaged car bumper and under car! Yes a dear Badger ran out in front of his car and he ended up dragging it down the country lane (the badger and his bumper!). They did right thing and stopped etc, and my sister was having fits. She gets upset about these things, part of her Asperger’s makes her very sensitive! I was sat at home laughing my head off at my dad (not the Badger! Which was luckily killed instantly bless it.) as only my dad would have this luck.

Well that’s my week so far and part of last week. All fun mostly. Apart from odd annoying kids behaviour. Looking forward to another busy week or so ahead, and more coffee!

Signing off now for a coffee. Will try and post a picture of current cross stitch work in progress soon!!


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