Kids say the best and worst things!

Well it has been fun and games with the little ones the past week or two. One is heading into major terrible two’s as in quite a few tantrums lately. On the other hand when she falls or anything, she now communicates a bit more, and points to whatever she fell on or hurt. Also had some copying the TV programme this morning, so speech definitely on the rise. The other one I can only say is in a long stage of  a child’s version of PMT! The attitude I have seen from him is what I expect from a teenager. It is something I am not tolerating either. Plus the usual battles over food are still ongoing. So no treats till he bucks his ideas up. He is being a bit ungrateful to say least too at home. You buy him something nice to wear, as he is going into next stage of some clothes and you get ” I thought it was going to be fun toy!! I don’t like it, it is boring!!” so you threaten to return it and he won’t let you?? Then all followed by a very sarcastic Sorry and Thank you. And to top it off I make sure he knows I am not happy and I get ” I know, you keep saying” in a proper attitudal manner!!! Best thing is next day he’s all about wearing said item of clothing and loves it. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde. One thing he did say last week made me giggle though. We have ordered some Lego figures on Ebay from China. His impatience is showing, but as you know things from China can take a while. His reasoning was “You order Chinese take-away and it arrives quick!”, I don’t think he has grasped the idea, we order food locally haha!

The Spring is definitely on its way in I am happy to say, the sunshine is making more appearances. I kind of missed the full experience of the partial eclipse though last Friday morning as I was observing one of Owens literacy lessons (with Ruth… which was fun!). We were happily surprised at a few things with Ruth. Firstly, she didn’t attempt to eat the Play dough, and secondly, she plonked herself at the colouring table and got stuck in (and only tried to eat one pencil!). So we now have Ruth’s first scribbles/colouring in on the fridge now. Its Owen’s Parent’s Evening later, so that should be fun. Friday is last day of this half term then they have 2 weeks off. Now how do I deal with strop boy those 2 weeks???? hmmmmm!!

So that’s the kids! Hooray for Cross Stitching… keeps me calm at end of day and so creative. Cant wait to finish 1st one and do more on the 2nd one. Plus do some of Carmel’s wedding bits now that I have all the bits I need. Plus lots of spare candles due to Ikea and their terrible courier meaning we have got loads free now! Wonder what I can do with them! And thanks to Carmel I keep trawling Ebay for bits and bobs for myself at dirt cheap prices. Good old China, its amazing what you get for less than a quid. As long as your in no rush to receive them its great. Think I am going to get Ruth the pencils and paper out more over the next few weeks too. Boost her creativity!! Will watch her though. Already had crayon on walls via Owen a few years back. Owen has a few things planned over holidays luckily, including 2 nights at his cousins house, and he wants to stay a Grandad’s house a few nights. I may just need a night out or crafty night in with Carmel. Me time is definitely needed.

The next school holidays after this one will be much more fun. We finally go to Wales. Really can’t wait.

I was reminded how old I am the other day. Some old school friends organising the Class of 1996 school re-union for next year, as will be 20 years since we left. But… its on my Wedding Anniversary, and my Anniversary more important. Anyway big point of this is 20 YEARS. Really!!!!

Hoping to have a nap soon when Ruth does. The hubby has been back to his snoring ways, and not slept proper for nights. I am surprised he is still alive to be honest, it gets so annoying. Might pitch a tent outside and lob him in that!

Anyway this week contains more crafting and completing some stitching. Plus look into some course work and keep collecting business ideas. Oh and collect Avon books at the end of the week. How can I forget lots of coffee too …… it is totally needed lately. Plus got a fair few goodies heading my way in post, so lets hope the postman likes me this week and brings my goodies!

Will post some pics soon, and hope to get out the camera now the weather on the turn for the better.

Take care peeps!!


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