I’m Bored!!!!!!!!

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The title of this blog says it all. If I had a quid for every time I heard this so far in the school holidays I could have a right little shopping spree! Yup, Owen is at it, even though there is loads to do. Least we shut him up yesterday and got him working in the garden with us!

Yes you heard it here, we have tackled the garden. It was fun. The stump at the back is rotting very well after the tree was destroyed the other year. It was a Laburnam tree which we found was slightly dangerous with kids around. So when the neighbour came round regarding the roots causing problems in her kitchen floor area and wall, we jumped at chance of having it down for free. So now we get more light in garden too. I am wondering whether to gravel the flower bed at back and put things in pots. Plus we want patio relaying and a layer to block weeds putting under the slabs, as well as new border for the grass. I had to giggle at Owen, I made him hold his hand out and hold a Worm. Never heard such freaking out. Oh well, Ruth would have grabbed it off me. Tell you what… hacking at a rotten stump definitely de-stresses you. I did make me ankle play up though. Its gone a few time in past few weeks now. Not sure what’s up with I, guess I best see doctor about it.

On another note…. SPRING IS HERE… sunshine, and a hint of warmth. It is always calming to the mind and body. When garden is done maybe kids can enjoy playing in it. We have a fair bit of rubbish to get rid of from garden. Hope weather even better for the holiday in under 7 weeks.

Before then I have a Second Shooter job with my friends for a wedding that had to be cancelled the other month. That will get my Camera back in action. And a day away from kids! It can be hard and stressful with whinging kids you know. Love them to bits but a break is nice. Ruth has 2 new words…Chick and Shoes. No doubt the rest of her words are going to come thick and fast now. Its scary, my baby is growing too fast it seems at times. Still wouldn’t have anymore though. Oh yes, I can also get her hair in a proper ponytail. Sometimes she even stands still long enough for me to do so too. She has also been pinching Owens toys, the little Tomboy!

Talking about hair I have decided to let my remaining dye grow out. I currently have the Ombre look at the sides. Even better, I haven’t had to pay for it. Its shorter at back so all natural now. Don’t see many greys at the minute so giving it a refreshing break and my natural colour isn’t too bad really!

My Avon order due anytime today. Such fun, sorting and getting it all out. At least weather is good for it. It has been another good campaign. Just feeling bleugh at moment so may deliver Thursday instead of Wednesday. Also now with Simons wages dropping, I really need to knuckle down and get my Admin business off the ground. Plus when done all the Wedding bits for Carmel I can get making things to sell. Maybe if we are good at it start making bits for weddings to sell. I am just working on finishing my Butterfly cross stitch picture off and the Stitch a Long page for this month. When these are done I guess I better sort kitchen so can get glitter out and all the other many things. I also got some gorgeous beads for the bridal jewellery. I am waiting for over 10 bits from China I have got on Ebay. So cheap too, its addictive and fun. But be aware that some bits are cheap in price as they aren’t real stones etc. But if you only spend 55p on it then it doesn’t matter, specially if you can still use it.

Owen has gone to the park with Grandad today. Which means a little peace n quiet while I’m feeling yucky. Still got Ruth being mischievous though hehe. Got 2 quiet nights at end of week too. Owens off to his cousins house. They are going to the Cinema’s again.

The Guinea pigs are liking there new place in the living room…. they get more light. It’s amazing what you do when you shift one piece of furniture to clean behind it then get the enlightenment to suddenly rearrange the whole room. I now have a tv/crafty corner too. Bonus! Just need an uplighter lamp in the corner. Plus I can plug laptop in corner and chill. Saw my dear parents last Friday evening, and my mum going to see what Cross stitch threads she no longer uses, so more coming my way too. Poor Simon lost me to stitching. But… if  I have to be Football and Gaming Widow!! All’s fair and square don’t you think?!

Attached are a few pics of my cross stitching projects… I have a got bit further on them now:)

Right I have ratty monkey who stinks, so its nappy time. Blog ya later people.


One thought on “I’m Bored!!!!!!!!

  1. I totally get you on the whiny kids but shhhh, we’re not allowed to say or the mommy brigade turn up and beat you. Only joking, mine are out in the garden in their onesies, they’ll come in to change when they get too hot, ha.

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