Back to school!

Well School is back open. Good for Owen, but bad for my hatred of early mornings. I am definitely not a morning person. Got a few plans this week though and the weather is looking good for the week. Got some progress on the Garden front. We have had it cleared of rubbish and have a few pots we can re-use for new plants. Just means a trip to garden centre when tidied up what is left. Even the outhouse is bit clearer, but not from the evil spiders or should I say monsters. Here is what it looks like now…..


It’s more of a blank canvas now, just a big old plant in corner of the patio needs digging out and few bits bag up. That can be done over time, but main aim first is to sweep and clean, making it more kid proof whilst bits get done. Oh and deal with the Ants. We also need new fence panels, and when we do have them…. look after them. The gate is on last legs and a pain to open, hence tonight I have scraped skin off my finger and an instant bruise came up within seconds. Now it hurts, and is annoying as getting your hand is always worse, being that they are always in use and bound to keep getting caught. Oh well, I now have a husband laughing at me.

I also bought these beauties yesterday at an Antiques Emporium near my parents house.

2015-04-12 20.09.20 2015-04-13 10.14.15

First is a stuffed doll from somewhere around the 1930’s or 1940’s apparently. It has a rubber face and the most gorgeous brown eyes. Trying to Google and work out when it really from. Always fun to research these things. The chair was a bargain too, Mum insisted on getting it for Ruth. My plan is to make a pink Tartan cover for it that can be removed and washed, and paint the wood white or pale pink. I enjoy a good project. I also need to work some minor sewing TLC on the doll. There were so many things in the Antiques Centre, especially pottery and old Jewellery. If only I had enough money!

The camera is out of hiding now too, mainly so I can take more pics of the kids to practice modes and catch our little Robin and friends which keep visiting the garden. Gives me something to do which doesn’t cost too, bearing in mind funds are low and saving for holidays. I am also going to really make a push with my crafty ideas and Admin business ideas. My domain name has been sorted etc apparently now so fingers crossed can work forwards. Craft ideas are flowing. This includes wedding crafts, as well as cross stitch, and all the other many things I love to do. My second cross stitch project is almost complete. Over half the border now done. Even Owen has asked to try Cross stitch, quite sweet really, will need to get him some bits in time.

I do keep trying to keep my Facebook pages up to date as much as possible if you ever want to follow them. They are and ….feel free to go and nosey. Talking of Facebook, be careful out there and check your settings. I had to yesterday. Some random person called Babatunde from Nigeria tried to add me, luckily I didn’t accept, and later he messaged me saying “Add me, I have seen your children, I love them.”. Now I don’t know about you but i thought creepy! I immediately blocked him obviously. Only add people you know is always my rule. Specially be wary if they don’t have friends in common..

Right on that note of caution. It is time to feed the tribe. and stop Ruth from being such a daredevil. I swear she is going to be a stunt woman some days.

Will update with my projects, business ideas and courses soon.

Off for a coffee while I do tea now. Enjoy the sun if it is making an appearance for you too this week.


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