Flower Power and more

Its a rarity but had a fantastic week last and at the weekend. Well apart from Friday morning when trying to keep up with Owen on school run, and doing a tumble act with Ruth and the pushchair. Lets say I ache still. Hurt the weak point in my neck, and no idea how or why I fell. All I know is it wasn’t my weak ankle for once. I did rush out of house with no food or drink in me though, which could have contributed. Ruth was fine, just a little shook up. She soon forgot about it. Poor Owen just looked in shock and soon started holding pushchair on rest of the way to school. Knew it would set off my back though, woke up each morning since feeling like I am 80!!

In between the aches we have been and bought Flowers etc for the garden. So Saturday was spent potting up the my Flower babies. Took a while as re-used my old big tubs too. Went through 2 huge bags of compost we had in outhouse already, and filled 8 pots. It was so calming, but I felt the aches even more Sunday morning. I am so happy to have flowers in the garden again. We have White, Red and Yellow varieties of Asiatic Lilies, French Lavender (I love the smell of Lavender, and bees love it!), Orange and Pink Azalea (Evergreen, so good for the winter too), Scots Heather (well I love Scotland, what more can I say!), and 5 Primrose plants. Least in pots they can be shifted when slowly working on the garden. Will get more pots and plants as time goes by, it is a good excuse to visit a Garden Centre, I love a stroll round a Garden Centre. Here are my plants…

flowers 1 flowers 2

They should soon fill the pots a bit more and it is so nice to have Lilies again. When I was still at my parents, I did majority of the gardening, and we had these plants, plus another favourite of mine Aquilegias, and a Japanese Maple, plus other plants. I bought my Lilies over when I moved here but having kids and getting used to another pace of life meant things like that got abandoned. Now I have things on a level, ie, kids older, and definitely no chance of more etc. Plus being used to life pace as it is, it means I can restart the garden. We even got a new strimmer, cleared and sorted the outhouse, and managed to fit kids toys in outhouse. Instead of replanting the flower bed at the back where sun is scarce, It is to become part of the lawn. So much easier and simple. So all plants will be potted. Now to sort Lawn,take up and re-level the patio, dig up old Rose and make that area patio too. Oh and need about 5 fence panels, plus a new gate and supporting panel. Plus edging for the lawn. If its done in small bits should be fine. All we need to do is when the Lilies flower… watch the kids around them because of the pollen. Its a pain if gets on clothes and rubbed in. I do have a good hint if it does get on you though, using Sellotape works if you haven’t already rubbed it in!

Oh yeah how could I forget to tell you about the hubster and his work lottery ring. He only went and won with the bonus ball from Saturday. I measly amount around £1500 apparently hehe. I see a trip to garden centre, after he has treated himself to a new monitor and/or chair, and shared some with me. Will get Owen some school shoes on Wednesday when Ruthy and myself go for our regular haircut appointment.

I finished my cross stitch picture yesterday too, and now in the process of making it into a little case for my scissors, needle keep and other bit when on projects. I will post a picture when it is completed, I will be planning the compartments etc later. Then time to kit up my next stitch project. Oh and tempted to start making some candles, and must make a start on the Wedding bits for Carmel. Specially now the house has had another mini clean up and clear out, and discovered some of the end of the kitchen again. Means I can get Sewing machine working too, as need to make a cover for Ruths new chair. That should be fun, as never tried before!

It has been fun to start following some of my followers blogs at last. Bearing in mind I only just discovered the App for my phone the other week, I now know how to follow others.

Got Avon orders to put through this week, but it has been a good campaign so I’m happy it has made up for the mixed up one last time. Plus seriously need to knuckle down to my internet courses and business plans. Now Ruthy growing a bit should be easier. So more crafting, courses, and business ideas ahead. Plus not long till second shooter job with my friend Mel. The first of 2 this year. Also counting down to the holiday. We have good plans for this one, including me taking Owen on the speed boat trip to Ramsey Island to see the rapids and the wildlife, whilst Si watches Ruth. She is too young, and he doesn’t like boats that much, so its perfect. Will be taking camera (wrapped up in bag!!), really want to get some ace pics while away in the great outdoors.

Really happy for Owen as well, as he got into some after school clubs. The first being today. Karate, and it is free. Should do him some good. Then on Thursday it is Cooking club after school. He narrowly missed out on Arts and Crafts, but it is first come first served basis.

I have also been cooking a bit more myself. Last night it was chicken with pasta sauce, olives, sweet pepper and mushroom with orriechetti pasta (if that’s how it is spelt!).

Right I must get a fresh coffee, and soak the porridge pots before it becomes super hard on the bowls. There’s not much worse than that. Take care everyone, and here’s hoping for another good week. Must go water my plant babies too 🙂


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