You can never plan too much!

Hello all, on this fine but getting cooler bright sunny day!

Another start to a busy week, and a new daily task of plant watering to my now grown family of plants, in the unfortunately slightly grotty looking thing we have as a garden. The poor hubby was dragged out to Homebase on Friday due to a one day offer. So we got 2 more lilies, 2 more lavenders, 2 evergreen box plants, and 3 funky bright pots (plus a needed bag of compost!). Luckily most were already potted so didn’t take long to pot the 2 lilies. Here they all are now.

the plant family

Ignore the mess in the corner, that will one day be flattened and become patio too! As I say there is loads left to do! This has also meant my camera has been warming up ready for this weekends job. Will be sorting these pics soon and uploading here there and everywhere. So much fun when you have a Flickr, Facebook, Website and Viewbug account. The camera is currently having all its batteries recharged. I am sure the charger will be joining me too on the day.

I also want to share a picture of the sometime not so nice part of the area where I live. To set the scene, flats all around like prison blocks. Chavs, 9pm kids curfew in the area. Sounds lovely doesn’t it. Well add the magic of Spring………


It becomes glorious even if there is bits and bobs of rubbish strewn everywhere. This is next to Owen’s school. It just shows what a bit of colour and the power of nature does to even the not so nice parts of a town or city. It also makes the school run a little more pleasant.

End of a Poldark era (till 2016!)

Well what can I say. If you missed last nights Poldark session on BBC1 yesterday….spoiler alert! How sad it was too. Not only was it a series finale, but a cliffhanger and the saddest episode. Many people I knew were in tears over it. I had already found out pre watching what happens and thought cross stitching might distract me at worst parts. How wrong was I? Very, trying to stitch while crying is not the best mix! As in historical times, a bad fever hit the area, including Ross’s cousin and family. The ever lovely Demelza goes to help and care for them, only to catch the fever and give it baby Julia. Whilst she is on the verge of death herself, poor Julia dies. She wakes up days later to find her child is dead. If that doesn’t hit the heart strings nothing will. At the end poor Ross on top of his problems (whilst saying goodbye to Julia with Demelza) gets arrested for everything under the sun! Now we have to wait till next year to see what happens. Then they played a folk song by Demelza. Now I love folk music, even better but this was so haunting and sad and even now brings tears to my eyes. So there you go….sorry for those I have spoilt it for. At least I now have the book to read till we see lovely Ross Poldark again! Specially with the end of Downton coming very soon, will be my only fix next year.

De-stash corner

I have been at it again. I still have a few beads to sell, but going to do bead scoops instead as will sell better. Plus I have old jewellery to upcycle too.

Shock horror… I even did a wardrobe de-stash! A huge bag gone. Plus reorganised jewellery and accessories. It certainly surprised Simon. Its good to de-stash in all areas though. Clutter is not a good thing, as it makes the mind cluttered and your life more stressful. So FB and bead sale to be done. A little extra cash could be handy as ever though.

Craft Corner!

Yes this is a new area for my craft news/updates. More organised you could say!!

I have had a bit of fun and got 2 new cross stitch kits, one for fun and one for a FB competition. As well as that I have kitted up and begun a new Heaven and Earth Designs project. Another small one and I am trying out the method of Parking threads. Here is the progress after one evening….

new wip

There is also another page coming out for the Stitch Along this week, so back to two works in progress on the cross stitch side.

I had some hunting for DMC thread bargains to kit the project up though. Its 95p a skein close to me, yet discovered near my parents its 88p. So they got me 27 ready to pick up over the weekend. I know where to go next time at least. The one thread has had to be purchased via ebay as it is hard to get. Found that cheapest from Germany even after postage. Which then got me looking at stuff on Ebay from China. Yes so now I am awaiting 7 packages from China, one from Germany, and just received my monthly threads from the USA. These threads are hand dyed too.

I still need to start the wedding crafts too. But making space is helping me as need the space for this.

I also had a go at my new adult therapy colouring books. It actually does chill you out. I really must try my Zentangle bits too. Who says colouring is for kids eh!

Other General Blurb 🙂

So this is for all the general random bits! Where shall I start?? Oh yes, next May…. plans changed last week! Im not the photographer at my friends wedding no more. No don’t be sad though…. I have been promoted to Bridesmaid. Yes I am finally going to be a Bridesmaid, at the then age of 35, and after being a Bride twice myself. It will be fun and yes I am well excited. Then two weeks after that we go to Scotland. Again for which I am very excited. Even better though, after Si won that money, it is now paid in full! A year before we go, how well planned was that, and how well spent. Means we can all relax knowing it is sorted. Of course we have our May Holiday coming up too. Here we come Pembrokeshire.

Tomorrow I have a bumper Avon order arriving which will keep me busy, and want to get it all delivered before Saturday or on Sunday at very latest. Due to Wedding on Saturday obviously. I also have a trip to the bank on Friday to open a FREE account, no more paying £14.50 a month for the privilege of having an account. Plus I have been told my previous black mark after first marriage money problems, is way in past now and should not affect my chances anymore account wise. Well it has been over 10 years now. Exciting times for me.

As ever I have a nice list of stuff to do this week, including try to get on with crafting, business plans, the Avon, look at my courses and hope they are still live, and of course Saturdays Wedding. I have already phoned the doctors for Simon. Can you believe he wont be seen till 10th June, glad he isn’t dying, and its just to discuss the snip haha. I also must phone Tax Credits to update/renew. All good fun being an adult, oh to be a child again for a day. Would love it!

Off for an espresso and lunch now.

sunny ruth

Bye from me and the cheeky monkey for now!


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