A day in the life…..

Morning all, hope everything going well.

Been a day or so before I’ve got round to this update I know but been a manic weekend etc.

A day in the life of a Wedding Photographer/Second Shooter

If you have ever wondered what a typical day is for a photographer on the day, I can sum it up in one easy word…. LONG! This one wasn’t local as such but over 30 minutes away in Mansfield. We had to be there for 8am. A nice early start then, as I was picked up at 7.30am, and we got there just after 8am.

Mel dropped me off at the reception venue whilst she headed off to the Bride’s house. I had almost 3 hours to kill at the venue, so as well as taking photographs of the set up, and helping with it, I got to learn a few tips from Wedding Planner Jeanette who was setting up 2 rooms that day. She had help from her team but I was also asked to take pictures of the other set up for her, commercial pictures for her brochure etc. I got to learn how to sashes on the head table, and how to do bows. Basically this will come in handy for next May. At the moment Mel has my pics as she is editing them (the perks of second shooter role…. no editing after!). I will share when she passes final pics to me. The Wedding Planner lives close to me too. A useful link to know.

Just before 11am Mel turned up, and off the Registry Office we went. This is the part when it gets real. All the guests arriving, nervous groom, bride who insists she isn’t seen (as it should be), and getting told the rules for taking pictures in the room. Each Registry Office is different in a sense, they like to put the Photographer in a certain place sometimes. Of course there is the big rule everywhere you go about none when the couple do the proper signature in the book. This room was best I have seen so far though. Very spacious and lots of room to move about, even if my 28-300mm lens meant that was not so necessary anyway. Plus Mel was in the other corner so we got shots from both sides. One thing I have to say is that as soon as people see you with the camera kit etc, and know you are part of the photography team, they will start asking questions etc. I ended up helping direct people to the room. Its quite fun really. My task was to keep the Groom out of sight at first, he ended up hiding in a toilet till the Bride had gone to another room.

Now bear in mind this is the wedding that was  postponed in February, due to the Grooms illness. They also tried last year but due to his health also postponed that attempt. He now seems to have beaten the evil cancer but it has left him with half a stomach and no gag reflex. He didn’t look on top form to be honest, and had been in hospital a few days previous to the big day this time too. So third time lucky was true for this happy couple.

One thing that tickled me was that she had a some one pipe her into the room. Now as you may know, I love Scotland, and all things or at least most things Scottish. It may sounds soppy but the sound of the pipes made my eyes fill a little, what a way to come into the room. If I ever renew vows I want a piper. Anyhow, after beautiful vows, and signing etc, it was time to get them together for group pictures. There was a lovely area out front of the Registry Office for the Photo’s which was a bonus. Now apart from the Bride and Groom, we had a right time getting people to listen to join us on the grass. But that often happens, you really have to shout and beckon people. One to two photographers, trying to control a various crowd of 30 people on average, all chatting away after ceremony. Shouting is sometimes necessary. They eventually came, and we got some lovely pictures. And they looked so relieved that ceremony was done (finally). The guests were raring to go to next stage of day, you could tell. Who doesn’t love a party though. They loved the room, so we got a picture of Jeanette (Wedding Planner) with the happy couple before guests came to make  a mess of it. It seemed a nice thing to do for both theirs and Jeanette’s album. Little bit of positive advertising for her too.

What the couple didn’t know was that 3 kitchen staff had handed in immediate notices via text that morning (evil boss if you need ask!), leaving 5 kitchen staff to do 3 sit down wedding set ups plus another wedding party, and normal carvery service. They never got told of this problem and never twigged on. All was sorted and happy people all around, everyone got fed on cue. Here lies the thing about working on someone’s big day, you never want to let down the happy couple, if you can sort out and solve a problem, they don’t need to know of the initial problem! A perfect day means a dream day. So we all have to work together to make sure it is. Hence why I think Jeanette did an excellent job, specially with 2 big set ups to do.

When the party were sat down enjoying the sit down meal, it was our time to go and relax and have dinner too. Then there was a huge gap where we started uploading pictures to the laptop for editing. Luckily being at a carvery and having a reserved table was perfect, even if we had a fair few hours till the evening do.

Anyway it was almost panic stations again not long after. We had just got the crowd to leave the upstairs room to get the evening set up sorted (again we chipped in as anyone else would). In the meantime… the Groom went home feeling badly. This was before the cake was cut and the first dance, so we are wondering if he will return. Then was the curse of the scruffy guests. Let me set the scene, food all under the table as in everywhere and a lot of it. To top it off they changed the toddler in the corner whilst people ate, then left the nappy in the corner on the floor when they left the room. Now I have a toddler, and would do the decent thing of go to the changing facilities provided in the pub. To do what they did was shocking and unhygienic to say the least. Jeanette had to hold her tongue the poor woman but it grossed us all out. When someone is so lazy as to not  even put a nappy in bin where they are available surpasses me! Anyway enough about that. It all got cleaned and breakable table decorations shifted to safety.

Now to the part which really peeved us off. Evening guests arrived, and eventually the DJ (who looked like he was using the kit he was trained on in the 1980’s), the set up taking forever. Mel asked for her music back she had put on to entertain the crowds whilst they had the gap. Mainly the kids really who were getting a little fractious. Anyway the DJ who was paid from 6.30pm, was keeping it on as they weren’t playing music till the first dance at 8.10pm. Explain???

The buffet started, so we spoke to bride and said we would go and get a bite to eat downstairs, which was fine as had over half an hour till 8.10pm for first dance. At 8.08pm according to ours and the pubs clocks we dashed back upstairs to find……… The DJ was onto the second dance for father and daughter. We had waited hours to take pics of the first dance. Mel had a word with him, and he just got arsy and sarcastic to her. He knew the time for the first dance, as it was all explained to him beforehand. Poor Mel was rather fuming but held her tongue this time. Bearing in mind this man only had to turn up (with his 80’s gear), play tunes for 3 hours and go home, and we had been there since 8am. Yeah, fuming was an understatement. Apparently the boss at the pub used him as he is cheap. Can tell why!

So we explained to the Bride (and Groom who had turned up about an hour after the start of the evening do luckily). They were fine and noticed he was too quick with it too. We took a few more pictures and finally headed home after 9pm.

All in all I actually enjoyed the day apart from the DJ. Looking forward to the one in Rotherham in July now. Oh and I had the job of getting milk for Ruth on the way home too so a rush into Morrison’s was needed. Got home at 9.50pm feeling very ready for bed!

A free Account at last!

I have FINALLY sorted it! An account for which I don’t have to pay £15 a month for the privilege. That  was £15 for a money manager I never even used. I now have a nice basic account, and a local branch I can walk into as well as use online banking (which I find very handy to keep control of things). As with the other account, I refuse to use an Overdraft or Credit Card. Lessons have been learnt from the past. You may think it funny I am excited about this but its a big thing after past problems 10 years ago. The fact they also sort out the switch over is perfect, no messing about on my part. The communication so far in the process is very good too, they are texting me all updates on progress.

Fat Fighting

Right as of Monday, I added a new phone app…. My Fitness Pal, then bit the bullet and weighed myself. Ok it was not as bad as I imagined, only half way there and on the wrong side of what I was last year. So here I go, I was on Monday…. 13st 8lbs…….. this has to and will change and on day 3 of logging food and exercise, I definitely feel motivated. Its the only way to do it without paying a club. Plus I feel more in control with the logging option, it means I have to sit up and take notice! Plus another good reason for it too as you will shortly find out. A good goal and motivation.

Dresses and other Bridesmaid things

This weekend gone was panic about Bridesmaid dresses, mainly from Carmel and my fellow Bridesmaid. Basically they are larger than me and short so panicking about getting something in time for alterations to be made if need be. Anyway it was getting a bit loud as such in the conversation. I was hoping to wait till November or December as felt it was too early, and wanted to spend about £30 on something from the UK. The other bridesmaid has a smaller budget. She was thinking China Ebay, which I was unsure about, due to any return problems, I don’t mind Ebay for smaller items but a dress for Carmel’s big day I will not risk it. Anyway after lots of umming and arghhhs, Carmel was a star and spotted on Ebay, a gorgeous place on Ebay, UK based, with dresses the same shade. I fell in love with it, as had lovely coverage for top half, right length, and has possibility of a second use after the Wedding. It also came to my budget at £25 plus postage. Ok its early but it arrives before Friday and will be stored at Carmel’s house. In fact as I spoke , it arrived. Love it, chiffon is so forgiving! Carmel is having hers made to fit from China, we did measurements Monday for that so fingers crossed! She did make sure it was a place with a good reputation too. Now to crack on with making the wedding bits I guess. I have the boxes out ready with everything in them.

Craft Corner

Just a wee peek at my current cross stitch work in progress for you today. I got page 2 of the Fox the other day.

foxy page 2

More to come this week blog wise, see you very soon!


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