The Herbs!

No not the old children’s programme, I am just (only just) young enough not to know too much about that. This blog part 2 of the day!

Garden Corner

Thought I would share how my herbs are doing. I have been nurturing them daily and seeing friuts of my labour now. Here they are…

2015-05-04 18.30.08 2015-05-04 18.30.25 2015-05-04 18.30.40

I am looking forward to seeing them grow further. The outdoor plants have had plenty of water naturally the last few days too. The plants are definitely looking lovely too.

17 sleeps to go

Yes, I am counting down. Already researched and planned a few things for the holiday. This includes a trip to Ramsey Island, Folly Farm, and trips to Porthgain, Solva, Newgale and Whitesands Bay are a must. Would love to go to Tenby or Saundersfoot too again. Just hope the weather is on our side that week. I may take my Nikon as well as my Canon though camera wise, due to wanting to use the Nikon on July’s second shooter wedding job. I must get to know it!


Remember those days as a kid where all that kept you quiet was a colouring book? Well how strange that you can be taken back instantly to those days. Hurray for Adult colouring books. It is so calming. Here is my current doodle in progress….

2015-05-05 20.30.28

Rather 70s like don’t you think! I will definitely be taking it on holiday with me as well as my Cross Stitch. He will be watching football or something at times, and I will need a wind down at the end of the day amidst photo editing.

Other stuff

I just have to show you what I got from an Alpaca Farm I heard about on Facebook. Basically these are soaps covered in Alpaca wool. They need a good time for water to soak into the wool but are a marvellous exfoliating aid. Alpacas are amazing creatures and I adore the alpaca scarf Simon got me the other year, So warm in winter yet wonderfully soft. Here they are (wrapped up at the moment) and yes I got 3 so I have 2 spare.

2015-05-05 20.59.09

I am not looking forward to the last minute Avon delivery rush days before the holiday. They have been warned though that they need to pay before Friday dinnertime. Im already getting orders before collecting the books in on Saturday. Hope its another bumper one, so I can have extra spending money on holiday. I can always pay in the money I owe Avon when away as can pay at the Post Office.

Feeling frustrated as havent had a look at my courses yet. Maybe I need to be as strict on this as I am becoming with my weight loss adventure. Ruth is starting to keep herself busy these days with her toys. On another note I am fed up that I cant apply for Ruth’s 2 year old nursery place till her 2nd birthday… just over a week before start of term. I have no chance of getting her in for September. So it will most likely be January if circumstances stay the same. I just hope it is something that will make her less clingy to me. Owen can’t wait for her to start, even if he isn’t in the adjoining class to her.

He was ecstatic on May 4th when I mentioned it was Star Wars Day…. Here is what he wore……

2015-05-04 11.52.33

Got to love my mini geek hehe!


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