10 sleeps to go!

Well the excitement is kicking in, in fact I am probably worse than Owen already. Its amazing how a Holiday coming up lifts the spirits.

Well it’s been a weird uneventful weekend in a way. Spent most of it feeling rubbish.Something was looming, women stuff if you dare ask. So this week is an I feel rubbish and ratty week. Least I will be free and untroubled on holiday.

I am taking Ruth to University next Wednesday. No not to enrol her. I never went myself. Sheffield University do studies on child development for children up to 2 years old or so. Anyway we got an email this week about a study they are doing to the end of the month about Creativity and Temperament for 18-23 month olds. So hey why not. So next Wednesday for 30-45 minutes she goes to big adult school to be studied. Its mad, but I am quite looking forward to it myself. You don’t get money for it etc but it is good to contribute to child studies and help future understanding of development. Plus it gets us out of the house. It is also next to a museum I may take her round for a bit after (if she is in a good mood). Been years since I saw that old brown bear in Weston Park Museum. It used to be the annual school trip for my first Junior school.

Also huge gripe about Tax Credits now, just got letter after informing them of Simons drop in wage. As always I have always phoned and let them know whenever there has been a change. Now they say we were over paid and payments don’t go up. I will be on phone shortly.

Feathered Friends

Our feathered baby Starling friends sound like they are growing. Its sounds annoying to some people perhaps but when your in bathroom and each day you can hear the little things chirruping it is so sweet. I can tell they are bigger and louder this week, and generally can tell when they are being fed.

We also think there are some sparrows in there too, as there is a hole near the bathroom window where they enter, and seen Sparrows near it a lot too and warring birds because there are babies involved. If the attic wasn’t a spider fest I would love to sneak and look at the babies.

Craft Corner

Not much has been happening apart from a bit of Stitching and colouring in like a big kid! I have all the bits and bobs for wedding makes downstairs though and raring to go with that.

Right I am off to rant at silly tax credit cretins! Hope I stay calm!

Ps I lost 1LB last week, wont weigh myself even though being good this week though, due to womanly week and bloating!


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