HMRC…..Her Majestys Rude Cretins!

Well some people definitely know how to wind me up.
Phoned up Tax Credits line and suprisingly got through quick. This was the only good point of the call. This woman answers my call and picks the wrong week to talk to me the way she did.
Is it just my way of thinking but do these people think that all who phone up are low paid lazy thick scum or something? Just because they are sat at a desk in london at the big office with a nice wage because they had a rare opportunity to get a nicely paid job. Do they do training in politeness every so often? As she needed it. Talk about talking down to people. And getting more sharp tongued as time passed.
Anyway in the end i got it explained but seriously i am not happy!!! Plus how does £640 make up for hubby losing £3000 a year wages wise. Thank goodness the annual recalculation went up anyway but only by 8.50 a week.

How to calm down is next step now.


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