5 sleeps to go….

We are finally on the major countdown to the holiday. I am probably more excited than Owen. Ruth has no clue to be honest, and Si just can’t wait for a break from work.

The holiday list has been written, the final bits of washing will be done Wednesday, and trying to tie things up before we go.

Ruth has been a proper little monkey. Her latest trick is trying to pinch and drink the Guinea Pigs water as she is fascinated with their bottle. Had to stop her again today, she has plenty of her own stuff to drink. I know she loves the animals but sharing water is a step too far. She also has some new clothes mainly 2 to 3 year old bits, of which fit her ok already. So yesterday was a sort out her clothing day, yet more for the charity shop and the new ones put in. I definitely see this as the way forward for younger kids as they grow so fast, it would cost a bomb to buy everything new, and they aren’t in them that long. SO she now has some lovely bits to take on holiday.

I have got Avon deliveries this week too, so tomorrow it arrives and hope to get it all out there by Friday morning. Wish me luck. The plan is to take the money and pay it in at Post Office on holiday. So as I am running a tight ship this week, I have already prepared the books for the orders, hence crossing fingers and toes it will be done quick!

Garden Corner

2015-05-18 11.23.33 2015-05-18 11.23.49 2015-05-18 11.24.06

Here are the herbs so far 🙂 The Basil and Parsley are doing fantastic, not sure about the Chives though. The leaves are really taking form now. Just need to sort someone to keep them watered next week.

Craft Corner

Had a bit of a brain block over the weekend. Done some stitching but could do more. It will be joining me in Wales though. Plus my colouring bits. Here is foxy so far….

2015-05-16 10.32.41

The black area and stars are complete, now for the complicated part.

The Other Stuff

The bank account transfer is almost complete. I have sent from my old to my new account as it is complete in a week so want to use new account only now. I really can’t wait for it all to be done.

After looking at the accounts course I started and didn’t get onto in time, I have decided to see it as a lost cause and lesson for the future. There is no way I can get it done. So next time I will make sure I do bits weekly. The Photography and Jewellery Design ones are ongoing luckily and can use while away. Plus I have been looking at free Business Admin courses, which I can start after the holiday and dedicate time weekly to.  So big slap on hand to me, i have wasted £30 or so, and made myself look a failure after trying to do everything and be super mum. Lesson learned, pick myself up and move on time. Maybe last year was too soon to get so ambitious!

Look out for lovely pics next week from Wales. Where I go so does my blog!

Have fun and enjoy your week no matter what the weather brings (though crossing everything and hoping its lovely for the holiday and for my photography!).


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