TV Nostalgia time

Thanks to my bestest buddy up in Scotland who has made me start looking at all the old kids programmes from the 1980s and 90 (and 00)s. I have seen them from all era’s to be honest. The 80’s were my brother and I’s early realm, then my sister was born early 90’s, so we got to see kids stuff then as well as the stuff we watched as teens. Then mid 00’s my nephew was born so kept up with those. Leading up to now where I am forced to watch what I would partly called drivvel these days compared to back in the day.


Oh the good days! And the days of the originals of half of today’s cartoons and so on. Thinking about it they have updated quite a few. There is Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, and Transformers, even Fraggle Rock has a offshoot called The Doozers if I remember rightly. Postman Pat and Thomas Tank are all updated and tunes upgraded. Which is sad as the old ones were far more fun, even if the new ones ring in my head now. They did try redoing Thundercats, which we tried to watch but it didn’t take off I think. Funnily enough He-Man has escaped the ruining of updating, but have heard Dangermouse is going to follow Inspector Gadget and face ruination now! Oh why don’t they leave them be.

I was looking on You Tube earlier and ended up spotting allsorts from the 80’s some I almost forgot about and others that will always stay in my memories. Of course there is good old You and Me, with Cosmo and Dibs, now this was when I was same age as my littles. Button Moon, Pob, Fingermouse, Playschool, and Raggy Dolls were definitely on my list as a child, as favourites. Button Moon was so basic and brilliant, Pob would most likely have an ASBO these days with his behaviour from back then (no one likes people spitting!), Fingermouse again was a so simple and they should re-air this and show kids how you do not need expensive toys to have fun. Playschool definitely was a long run series, and where people of our age learnt our numbers, letters and shapes. Raggy Dolls, well what can I say, it was just ace.

Henry’s Cat was a classic and seems to have been forgotten and drowned from alot of people’s memories. I suppose Roobarb and Custard were more popular. Then there was the creepier ones like Willo the Wisp, which was probably thought of as a darker cartoon back then but would be mild compared to todays standards. I dearly remember Rod and Emu, and there arch enemies, Grotbags, and Croc. Now that was classy. We had a family friend/neighbour who had an Emu type puppet we used to play with when we went round. Who recalls George, Bungle, Zippy and Geoffrey (and Rod, Jane and Freddy). Yes … Rainbow. I always thought it fun and when later in life I saw the unscreened one they did it made it even funnier.

So many out there, lets not forget Poddington Peas, The Trap Door (Oh Globbits!), 80 days around the world (with that Lion), the wonderful Count Duckula (the best cartoon duck on earth), Superted, and BananaMan both legends in their own rights, Why Don’t You (where some of our now our aged presenters came from, in fact I am sure Ant and Dec were in that!), Dogtanian and the 3 Muskehounds (All for one and one for all!). And the afore mentioned DangerMouse and Fraggle Rock. In fact when we went to Cornwall alot as kids, we used to go to Pendennis Point near Falmouth, and across the water you could see the lighthouse they used for Fraggle Rock. That was always a highlight for me.

Oh and to throw in a quick import…… Sesame Street …….. funnily enough the odd character from that still lives on our kids tv programmes. There is still and was back then the old school Tom and Jerry on TV too, never tire of those!


Oh to be a teen again, and the days of BYKER GROVE! Now you must have lived in a cave if you cannot remember that. To think Ant and Dec are almost 40 now too. When PJ lost his sight in a paintball fight… has to be most memorable one they did.

This was also when Pingu started, and I dont care that I am 35 this year but Pingu rocks, and it is on at weekends on CBeebies even now. Playschool was now Playdays, with Whybird, Rosie and Jim (on the Old Ragdoll boat), and Tots TV (Je suis un Tot). There was also the Animals of Farthing Wood. Now if you recall this was about the wild life of Farthing Wood and it was being destroyed. This cartoon series told it like it was, destruction, lie and death, survival and environment issues. Animals killed animals as happens out there in real life and the circle of life happened as should have. Some have thought it dark it was just close to reality as possible for a cartoon back then. I think in teen years it was more of the things like Byker and Grange Hill when we were teens though. The fact my sis was little meant we endured things like Wizadora too though. I always favourited Rosie and Jim though, i remember my sis having the bedding too.

Saturday Morning TV

We all loved those mornings, no school, chilling in front of the TV watching the latest Saturday morning kids programme. For me the favourite was Going Live with Sarah Green and Philip Schofield (aka the Silver fox these days), we even had a VHS tape of it.

Of course ITV had there versions, SMTV with Ant and Dec, and Cat Deeley, with Wonky Donkey and other mad games. I admit I liked both ITV’s and BBC’s offering. But BBC win by a small margin as they gave us Gordon the Gopher and the ever memorable Broom Cupboard.

Oh no almost forgot…….Roland Rat……..and his friends Errol the Hamster etc.

These days I sound like a proper oldster…. we have things like Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) Ruth loves him but how many programmes does he do on Cbeebies???? Too many. There are too many repeats and similar programmes with same people on them now. Don’t get me wrong some programmes are good such as Let’s Play, Tingatales, 64 Zoo Lane etc but some ie the newer ones are getting weirder. Some of these are Ruth’s favourites on CBeebies too… Twirlywoos and Bing. The Owen’s choices are weirder. He likes Cartoon Network these days. Now I can watch Spongebob no problems on the other channel, but Cartoon Network is pure crazy. It offers such things as Adventure time, The Regular Show (which is  far from Regular!) and Uncle Grandpa (yes Uncle Grandpa!). Sounds like something off Jeremy Kyle Show. There is a tiger on it which flies by the power of farting a rainbow. If you don’t believe me watch it yourself. I think the only sane programme on that channel has to be Ninjago. But even that is repeated alot.

In fact most things are repeated and when they get bored they dig up an 80’s classic to redo and ruin for us oldies!

Which kids programmes do you hold close in memories???


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