Ruth goes to University

Last blog pre-holiday. I’m sure I should be packing now haha! Anyway its been a busy but fun week.

Firstly got my Avon sorted like a well oiled machine. Even paying it off today before going. As well as posting the beads I am selling on Ebay which end in under an hour from now.

The highlight of the week has to be going to Sheffield University with Ruth. Specially as we got to look round Weston Park Museum, which I hadn’t stepped foot in for 20 years at least. We only had half an hour or so to look but I have to make sure that next time I take Owen too, and dedicate a few hours so they can both walk round and explore. I was gutted that they have stored away the big brown bear which is the last one to be killed in Sheffield, way back in time. It was a major thing when I was little for me. Luckily they still had some of the big exhibits that I remember like the Japanese Fighters and the Polar Bear. It was lovely to see the Museum so up to date and super interactive.Plus perfect for pushchairs as all on one level and all easy to get round. We managed to get into café just as a school trip arrived to visit the museum. The café id wonderful too. Here are a few pictures I took on my phone so excuse the quality!

13399_10153395779627164_8347045883076330159_n 19317_10153395781077164_2292958715739396551_n 10412023_10153395779532164_6575363492934639814_n 10521792_10153395779717164_1025294838653514874_n 10955538_10153395780162164_3339712825070256392_n 11220077_10153395781322164_7591108127869017812_n 11257571_10153395780522164_6830469805282910575_n 11264453_10153395779457164_7709303675803104744_n 11329918_10153395780062164_273909040009911351_n 11350672_10153395779387164_4547884665119707438_n 11351348_10153395779842164_9197453375923707152_n 11351424_10153395779147164_5792025397524489679_n

As you will see in one photo, there is a lovely park to walk round too. Its only an hour away by bus, so another trip easy enough. This is close to the Botanical Gardens too, so my camera’s could have a field day!

Anyway after this little trip we got to the Psychology dept of the University. Right next to the Museum.

The reason I decided to include Ruth in the Study was to get us out of the house and help with future findings for child development. If nobody volunteered, would be a shame, and would hold back on what we learn about how our children grow and learn.

This study was Creativity and Temperament, and we were met by Steph when we got there. For Ruth it was just a lot of playing. Steph explained the study and that under 4’s are hard to study any other way as communications are so much different to over 4’s because there aren’t the full (or any in some cases) ways of getting vocal information and understandings from them.

Obviously I had forms to fill in and a development stages survey. Ruth got on great with Steph, even if she wouldn’t let go of her cookie (which she was scared I would leave in café at first!). We then got taken to another room with a table, high chair and camera in it, plus a laptop for me to do some online surveys on while they filmed Ruth for the study. They keep the films very safely and locked away so don’t worry.

They way the did it was using a specially made box, with bits sticking out of sides etc, and passed her certain items that she could use to interact with the box. Basic things like plastic toy hooks, big plastic spoons, and other random objects. Then they looked at how she used them in conjunction with the box. They also had a puzzle and stickle bricks to observe building and problem solving skills. Ruth loved it and didn’t want to leave at first. That was it then. We were there less than an hour. They will post us results etc as soon as sorted.

I would urge other people to take part, its important for us  and future generations regarding learning how our children tick, and a nice way to get out and escape the four walls of the house, so helpful for our mummy minds!

This took me onto thinking about if the University did online free short courses. I came across which is full of short online courses across the country, mainly around 4 weeks long and using 4 hours a week on average of your time. So as well as showing the hubby who seems interested, I looked and saw a few. So already signed up for Innovation: the Key to Business Success starting after the holiday for 3 weeks, Literature of the English Country House starting at the end of June for 6 weeks, and Childhood in the Digital Age starting 6th July for 4 weeks. Plus have registered interest in a few more which currently have no start date. I am still wondering about the Vision to Learn course which requires 10 hours a week, I have the forms and all I need to set it up, just going give myself the holiday to think it over. But I do love the concept of these other short courses. Which you do get certificates for too.

Now I need to get going as last Avon to deliver, then go and pay that off, amongst start packing. So excited!!! Holiday times are the best!

Speak to you next from Sunny (hopefully) Wales.


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