Feel Good Friday!

A perfect title for a blog on a day like this. Currently sat in garden (as we now at last have chairs for garden!), Ruth having a nap,  had a quick tidy up, and completed the first week of my innovation course on Futurelearn.com. Which I have to add is a brilliant site for courses, so easy to use.

Sorry about the lack of blogging past week or so. As you know I have been on my holidays then returned to rush about and sort avon as order was due in days later after return. Avon has really been good to me. Obviously got my own orders in, and got myself 1 new customer after holiday, whilst on pick up round. Only for the very same to be called up by fellow school parent and Avon rep Emma, who informed me she was jacking it in. Then followed on with saying all her customers are now mine. All local which is always a bonus, and several of them are the parents at school. So my round is now fairly bigger and much more chance of bringing better money in. My team however as a trainee sales leader has whittled down to 1. I will possibly concentrate on this side of things after settling in to the new customers routine. But persistence really does work.

Craft Corner

I have to admit things have been slow on this side of things. I am working on page 2 of the fox cross stitch still, and page 3 has been out for 2 weeks now. But he is getting there.


Next week or so is quiet on Avon side so lets see what I can do then.

Garden Corner

Now I have to announce a loss in the herbs. The Chives failed not long after starting to grow, so when I got home they had to be emtpied out. As for the basil, I have been harvesting off that the odd meal time, as with the Parsley. So two out of three isn’t too shabby!

2015-06-11 12.04.35 2015-06-11 12.13.51-1 2015-06-07 15.56.41 2015-06-11 10.45.41

The rest of the garden is looking good. The few plants that have quit flowering have been retired and trimmed down. But still have some lilies to flower yet and some in flower. Oh and a certain unwanted visitor on them…. the dreaded lily beetle. Least its not clever enough to camouflage on the leaves. Bright red little beast. So everytime they are seen they are getting squashed. The Lavender is divine, and having fun watching the bees visit it. It is amazing how many types of bee there are. I keep having to look them up. We have a fuzzy little Bumblebee and even some smaller honeybee size ones which are more black and silver which is something I haven’t really seen alot of.

Weight watching update

Note to self….. don’t start losing weight 2 weeks before a holiday, the holiday undoes your effort! Yup went 13st 6lbs, came back 13st 10lbs after every effort to behave and a crap load of walking. Anyway not terrible as under 2 weeks after back to 13st 7lbs. Still a bit peeved though. But I am now actively trying to be more active everyday, and these extra Avon deliveries and customers will help with that plan. I also found fun in mowing the garden etc, which is a good little bit of exercise.

The Holiday

As you can imagine LOTS of photographs were taken and I learned so much about my Nikon D80. In total after some deleted or edited final total was just over 1100. These have been downloaded to my Flickr and Viewbug sites.

My full holiday blog is to be a seperate blog as I have so much to tell you on it. All written in notes at the minute. So bear with me on that one.

The Other Stuff

Well I have been a good girl and done the tax creds renewal, plus need to make sure I get Avon Tax Return done this month, well before deadline of end of this year. Always better when these things are donee and out of the way.

I turned down the course which would have been 10 hours a week, and opted to stick to the jewellery design and photography course, plus the short courses I have signed up for on Future Learn. But….. seen a screen printing course at Chesterfield College from September, Part time and 24+ funded. A creative course that I really am tempted to do, I just need to enquire about what hours it is etc. So what if I will be 35, never too old to learn.

Ruth is eating like a trooper now she feeds herself and last week started making her give herself her drink. Now she almost rags it out of our hands! Owen did a sponsored walk the other day all day and loved it. I couldnt go though as Avon was needing attention. We got our sun doing deliveries instead.

Right time to get on with stuff. Keep an eye out for the Holiday blog coming soon!


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