Mad July (and more)

Yes, It’s me and I am alive if not slightly insane after past 6 weeks or so. Madness doesn’t come close…. lets start with yet more illness. Just after my 35th birth anniversary! We had noticed Owen was bit off, said he had sore throat but wasn’t exactly coughing alot etc, so was still sent to school. That Friday (my Birthday) hubby was off and we decided to nip out for lunch. Phone call from school just as we get there. Owen wasn’t feeling well and needed picking up. Grandad was already on his way, so home we went (with a load of bits for BBQ from Farm shop instead). Next day I pootled off to Doncaster to the Summer Crafting show. Just before I went noticed Owen had what looked like heat rash on his back, came home, it had spread onto front and covered his back. Checked his tongue and found it to be white. Went on to NHS site, and found Scarlet Fever was similar. Was advised to go to Emergency Dept at hospital. So its 9ish pm off I go with laddo thanks to my dad giving us a lift there. Mum stayed with me, whilst other half stayed here with Ruth. Was past 12.30 am when we got home with a diagnosis of Scarlet Fever. By now he was head to toe in the rash.

Even better in the meantime my sister joined us in A&E. Due to her Aspergers and anxieties she got frustrated, panicky and upset, and decided to hit the wall. This is not the first time she has hurt herself like so. She was there till 3am. Diagnosed with fractured Wrist. Had a support put on that, a week later had it in cast as wasn’t much help. Anyway back to Owen. We are back home armed with week 1’s worth of 2 weeks important antibiotics. All good fun trying to get it down his neck I can tell you. He is also not allowed to school for final week of the school year as deemed contagious (luckily Ruth never caught it). Monday evening comes and he starts being sick. This is one of the things we were told we had to take him back with if he started. So 10pm and back we go. We didn’t wait as long to be seen but during initial examination, he throws up all over the Consultant’s room too. Within a few hours we were on kids ward for observation for the night. Thankyou to my dad though as he brought Owen some clothes as we were waiting to go to ward, due to the fact he had sick all over the ones he was wearing. We had fun when he had finger prick test which he bawled his eyes out at. He had developed Tonsilitis because of everything too. Following morning we had to wait till lunch time before cleared to go home as he managed to keep his medicine in. DH had to stay off work as was looking after Ruth. I soon went for a kip when I got home. This was now Tuesday. Normal dosing of antibiotics carried on as necessary from then for Owen.

Then Thursday comes……….

I wake up and feel sick as a dog, as I had managed to get the Sickness and Diarrhoea bug. Both ends were in full swing, and after 2 days started feeling a little more human but didn’t feel proper again till the Monday. In the meantime on the Sunday, DH starts with it, and ends up off for 2 days.

Yet again Ruthy didn’t get anything!

Then oh yes, and then just over a week after he felt a bit better, things didn’t give us a break. Not Owen, Ruth, or us adults. We are talking the animals. I noticed Whiskers was very ill suddenly.

Normally Whiskers was not easy to get out of the cage, I put food in and he even ignored that, and was wheezing like mad. Obviously I took him out of cage and put him in an old Avon box which was made as comfy as possible for him. Phoned the vets, made an appointment that for that evening, and kept an eye on him. We went and vet confirmed a bad chest infection, gave him 2 jabs, and sent liquid food back with him. We waited till Ruth was in bed and I prepped the food, and stuck the poor mite on my knee. Needless to say I did as instructed by vet and tried to get food down him, only for him to go floppy on me in under 5 minutes.

Now as a person who loves pets, I have never been able to take them myself for being euthanised. Well old dear Whiskers has been the first animal to pop his clogs on me literally. I was a teary mess, even Owen took it better than me. It felt like the last straw to me after all the previous weeks illnesses. I still feel upset thinking about it. The next day we buried him at the end of the garden.

Now we just have Cheese left. He seems ok being an only Guinea Pig and we aren’t getting more as he is at least 4 himself so waiting for him to go then hubby wants Fish.

So that explains what I mean by Mad July. 3 of us ill plus my sister, 2 trips to hospital including a night stay, and one dead Guinea Pig. Not a good start to the big school holidays.

That concludes the depressing stuff!

On a good note!

Courses – I am starting to concentrate more on the ones more useful to my business plans. Dropped a few of the menial ones.

Crafting – I mentioned the Summer Crafting show earlier, well I got some goodies. Including Fimo clay moulds (even a Lego shape one), pens to decorate glass and nails. A few days previous I got from the Society for All Artists shop. This includes a Canvas you can carve into pre painting. Then from a place called Paper Panda, I got a papercutting  starter kit (yes a new craft to try!), it looks such a versatile and blendable craft to mix with others or create special one off designs. Still to try all these bits yet. Then I took up an offer on Beads Direct yesterday, and got some Jewellery bits to play with. Not loads but enough to get to point of getting the £10 off my £25 order! Now to get crafting. I have been working on the Foxy Cross Stitch last week or so again, and he’s moving on really well.

Avon – Still going strong, and enjoying my new customers and their orders. May it continue for a long time.

Ruth – Well what can I say about her. She is well into the terrible 2’s stage. We can’t take her anywhere without major strops. If your trying to have a civilised meal out and have to tell her no, she tries headbutting the table and throwing things. Other times throws her toys  or whatever in sight, then herself, and really goes for it. She starts Nursery mid September, and already got her kitted up, as don’t want her nice clothes mucking up. She is also mid step towards potty training. After many times wetting her bed thanks to removing her nappies, we have  switched to Pull ups, and slowly working towards training, which has meant the potty is back out for her to get used to. Can you believe she is 2 in under 2 weeks!!! Looks so grown up these days.

Owen – After his problems, he is finally enjoying his holidays, and currently staying with his cousin for a few nights, then the week after next has a week at the seaside with Nannan and Grandad. So another quieter week.


Now I don’t know if you recall I was saying we were hunting down someone to sort it out, but we finally decided who. It has been done in a few stages. Stage one –  New fencing and gates, Stage 2 – Sleeper edging for the grass with a little step. Both these stages have been completed.

2015-08-07 20.26.35 2015-08-08 15.24.05

A major improvement and still have Stage 3 to go which involves taking the patio up and making extra corners into patio. Removing the huge Rose tree at same time. Still its now usable and safe for the kids and we have already enjoyed a BBQ in the Garden.

The lilies are all in hibernation. The last one was amazing. It was a velvet red one and there were loads of flowers.

2015-06-29 12.14.25

Stage 3 is to be completed within a month, having a word with them to sort date for it later today. Then I can get on with finding nice wall decorations, new plants and other things to do the garden up. Plus paint the fences!

Well thats about it, I really have to get some sleep, but I will leave you with a picture of my new Notebook case and a handbag for Ruth, made by one of my crafty friends. They are amazing!

2015-08-14 09.29.31


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