Where does time fly to?

Ok, so it has been a week or so since my last post. The school holidays are almost over (and I am not looking forward to the early starts to do school run again!), and all the things I wanted to do…… I haven’t. Always typical, the holidays have flown by when least expected.

Ruth also turned 2 a few days ago. Whatever happened to that tiny 7lb 6oz bundle. She is now a walking, talking strop monster who is a true mummy’s girl. I was supposed to be potty training her these past 6 weeks but hasn’t occured yet. I think she is close but feel she needs to show me a bit more control of her movements or intentions to do anything a little more. I don’t think she is far off though. It is her pre-nursery home visit the week after next, then the week after that she starts. I am looking forward to this next stage in her life, as she needs to learn to be less clingy and let me do things sometimes. Her vocabulary is moving on day by day. This past month her list of words has grown, and she will copy you pretty well. This week its has been fishy, and bird. We keep trying her with things each day though.

Owen is at the seaside this week, with Nannan and Grandad. He did the same last August. Now last year I found it hard but its a little easier this time. He has so far phoned daily, and I’ve had the run down of his breakfast and what he is doing that day. I am missing him loads and he is missing us, but he is having a great time. On Saturday we will be visiting him, then he is home Monday and starts school again Wednesday. Lets hope his school tops arrive before then from where I have ordered them as they are needed.

Here are my babies back two years ago and now…. and these little babies are my life!

541782_10151855069152164_596098315_n 11947550_10153657933462164_2992681046120015838_n

The Garden

Stage 3 commences next Wednesday! The lovely people are coming back to complete the makeover. This means taking up the patio, killing a billion ants and weeds, levelling it all off and cementing, then re-laying the stones. All in all should take 2 days. Then comes the part where I can begin to decorate the area. I am so far thinking solar powered lighting, some wall installations and some more plants, mainly evergreens, then wait till spring for the more colourful varieties of plants.

Lack of Sleep Pattern

Sleep patterns have all been a little crazy this past week or two. Firstly Si has been covering for the Night Shift team. So 9.30pm to 6am. Meaning kids in bed, and he disappears. Then I am all on my own. Ok this isn’t so bad, as managed to do some right stitching. But find I can never sleep well when he isn’t in at night, so it is about 1 to 2am before I can get to sleep. On another good side, I do not get disturbed by snoring in the night and get a kingsize bed all to myself. I have the task of an early morning tomorrow though as at just before 8am he also has an appointment with a consultant regarding the operation all men wince at the thought of.  This does mean we are much closer to the point where we know kids won’t be happening again in the future. Which means a much calmer and happier me!

I still have a load of pictures to edit from the break we had early August, and 2 computers to update to Windows 10, and the main laptop need many updates (after I temporarily clear memory so it makes it faster).

Online Courses have been on hold during the holidays, and will recommence in September. Plus I have just opened a new online shop. I am hoping to try and sell off my old stock on it. I will add links and more details when it is all set up. No point looking at an empty shop.

We also have the fun of a Wedding next Saturday afternoon. Not as a photographer this time, but as guests and I cannot wait. I have decided that now is the time to sort what to wear. The kids are easy enough to sort, and Ruth has so much choice. This is now enough notice for me to sort myself. Then the day after it is my parents Ruby Anniversary. So 2 cards to be made! A good excuse to craft. The day after that Owen is 6! Busy time of the year or what. The day before Ruth was 2, her cousin turned 10. Now that makes me feel old, I recall holding my tiny newborn Nephew like it was yesterday.

There is also going to be a declutter session ongoing over the next month or so. I have already started in Owen’s room whilst he is away, and a few of Ruth’s things are going. This includes her baby bath seat and the high chair. The big baby items are on the way out at last. Then I have a few bits and bobs I want to get rid of. Then maybe I can organise what I have and making things will be less of clutter headed effort. I don’t need everything I have, and priorities (and space) have to be made!

So the week ahead looks fun and crazy, specially next Wednesday. Back to school, patio, and also girly hair appointment. I am guessing it is ok to redye my hair now the red has almost gone too. Growing my hair a little now and going from red head to light golden brown! Getting old and wanting a more natural look, plus some of the grey hairs appearing are a bit disconcerting  now. Not just little discreet ones, but massive shimmery silver white things which keep catching the light and annoying me. So I am not aging gracefully but hey.

I have also started to wear make up a little bit more. I am actually finding when I wear it the odd time, I actually feel a bit more confident. Alot of the time I must admit I prefer to keep skin free of the make up, as best, and yes I can deal with going out make up free. People can say what they want if they want but I a happy with the natural look as well as made up look. I guess I do feel that I need to be more confident in myself and less self hating. I am not twiggy and guess it is time I accepted that but I can still work on making myself healthier at same time.

Being an Avon rep helps on the make up side of things, as get stuff at a discount. Plus I have the latest Mascara and I am impressed with it already.

Business plans really need to kick off too. My problem being I need a quide or mentor. I cannot do Princes Trust as too old. I have the equipment I need near enough to set up the Admin business and definitely so for the Craft business. It is just advice and guidance I need so I think this is next step I need to take, and hunt out some organisation who can help, as well as get through some of the online courses which can help me. I had been looking at opportunities as well with Kallikids but his has not materialised as such, and another was selling and doing clothes parties (which after thought was not something I really wanted to do at heart). I already do Avon and love that but selling even more company products from elsewhere may just complicate things, it would make more sense to make and sell my own things, maybe do Jewellery parties etc, and cut out middle man, therefore keeping the full profit for myself instead of a mere 20% of all sales.

Anyway, I suppose I had better get some sleep. I am not a morning person ever and tomorrow I have no choice.

Night all.


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