A belated Happy 2016!

Yes, I am alive. Sorry for the big intermission, I kept meaning to get on here but life seems to have given me other distractions (boring ones mainly…. ie general life and housework!).  Oh and throw in an even more demanding 2 year old. We are currently in middle of the hurricane status known as the terrible two’s. Sanity levels have dropped quite a bit since this started. Hooray for the 3 hours a day of peace in term times. Her speech is bombing along since being at Nursery though, and even if clinginess problem not total solved its nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Now we are battling to stop her being lazy and get walking to school all the time instead of part of the time. She is heavy now! As for Owen I blame him for my new addiction to Minecraft! That’s another story….. lets just say I will be looking for a Minecraftaholics Anonymous group soon.

Anyway, there have been some good things happen. Firstly and most recently, I have been getting involved in the local community centre. Resulting in helping start up a craft group which started this week. Week one has produced a turn out of 6 people, which I think is quite good really, as numbers can only grow.

We have raided our crafty stashes and put together a base stock of crafty goodies which would otherwise be cluttering houses up, being unused. These bits are now at the centre so we have bits to do new crafts if we do not bring an ongoing project that is. There is plenty to choose from including knitting, crochet, card making, decoupage, decopatch, painting and cross stitch so far. I’m sure other things will be added in due time. We also have the option to apply for funding and hope to get involved as a group in the local summer gala. Maybe that will bring a few more to the group too.

So happy that week one was a success so to speak, and I may be the baby of the group at 35 but I love old and young people alike, all ages bring new ideas and knowledge into our lives. Plus I’m told that I am old before my time!

Crafting wise personally, I am finally getting something done slowly after the festive mayhem. Currently I am working on an Owl stitch-a-long. Trying to finish Owl 1 before the second one is released next week. Plus had some relaxing colouring time. But making an effort to make crafting time. At least the group gives me crafting time too. Still got the wedding bits to make as spent November and December helping make the complicated wedding invites for my friend. Now to the fun decoration type bits. Which I guess will be first priority craft wise, being that she gets married middle of May.

I haven’t touched the garden over winter, apart from to empty waterlogged plants (some pots didn’t have holes in the bottom). I am waiting till Spring time then cracking on with the wall painting. Fingers crossed the Lilies survive the winter. I never got round to getting a covered area for them. As you can probably tell I’m one of those who would love to hibernate in winter. Minimum gets done outside, as I’m in the house keeping toasty warm. Maybe I could erect a huge greenhouse structure over the garden and put a heater in it, then I could garden in winter too!

I’m still bobbing along with my Avon. Did well leading up to Christmas and survived the campaign between then and new year where nowhere has any money so less people order. Its the same every year. They are starting an Avon Store scheme within next few weeks, which means people can order online from my store, wherever they may live. That should be interesting. Looking forward to setting that up and seeing how it goes. I do love the whole thing of taking brochures to my customers though, gets me out and talking to people. So a mix of both will be good.

Also had a few more ideas with the Community centre friends ( I would have said people, but I know them well enough now to call them friends). Thinking along the lines of family tree/history group, and something based on photography. Plus a more practical group for all where we help people budget and learn to manage money better and save more by getting better deals on things. We live in an area which obviously isn’t the richest, so maybe it would help people. Plus thought of compiling a list of local traders, as keeping local businesses alive is also important.

Talking of business ideas……. still working on that. As you can tell I have been bit snowed under, but ideas still there ready to be put into action. Plus loads of online courses to do when I have spare time.

So that’s basically it for getting up to date with things on here. Didn’t want to backtrack too much as been too long. But being busy keeps me from going too mad so it cant be all bad!

Till next time, keep warm and take care, and I will not leave it as long next time.






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