Funding Application 1 !!!

So its been another great week at Craft Club HQ. Just completed a form for a smaller amount of funding to help with a few costs for the club. I have to hand that in on Monday. Then there is another that I can go for on behalf of the group for slightly more to help with more costs.

We had 2 more members in the club this week, making total numbers up to 9 so far. This isnt bad for week 2, and shows a definite need for the group in our area. Another group in the next village along started via a charity and that started with 3 people and took a few months to hit 10 members.

We have also had other groups connected with the community centre pop in and nosey at what we were up to, who have said its perfect people in their groups. So they are giving them the heads up on Craft Club. Flyers and Business cards have been created and ordered, due to arrive with my colleague on Tuesday in time for the club on Wednesday so cant wait to look at them. I am constantly updating the Facebook page too, and we have gone into early planning for our possible first trip for the club. There is a big Craft Show at Birmingham in mid March, so prices for getting there is being looked into by one of my crafty minions.

Word is getting out about the club and obviously my connection with the local area via my avon is very helpful. Its amazing how these things interlink in so many ways.

It is also amazing how much I am loving this new role in life. I only went to the Community Centre to throw some ideas at them about what I would live to see happening. Before I know it I am Project Manager and Initiator of the club trial. I am meeting like minds craft wise and helping people feel less lonely. As a mum of young children I fully realise the loneliness it brings and I know such parents and the elderly suffer with such issues. But there are people out there who care. One new face on Wednesday, said she had called the Centre years ago asking about such a group, and she was delighted it was now reality. So yes it is wanted round here! Its also good personally for my CV, mental well being and confidence. Im not just MUM. I am Mum, I own my own business via Avon, I have learnt new skills like tax returns etc, and managing this new community centre project. We are all winners in the end. Importantly too I have met some great new friends along the way, and learned more about where I live and who is out there.

We are even going to do the local summer gala as a group. We have been Gazebo hunting for the perfect tent big enough to house a selling table and a making table. That should drum up some interest in the Craft Club too.


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