Spring has sprung again!

Well I’m typing this sat in garden having a coffee. I organised and reawakened the patio yesterday. The sun is shining even if a slight bit chilly but it’s amazing to be back in the garden. We have a fence issue on neighbours side thanks to Gertrude and the other storms but this has been discussed and will be fixed soon as. In meantime the offending dangerous panels now removed.  The lily pots are defended and placed nicely. And the primulas raring to go as already started shooting. Think I picked best plants as things are still green even after winter so the plan worked.







Walls to be painted and fences stained still which will be soon.

Also been hard at the dragonflies cross stitch and got to personalise some wedding wands for the girls of the bride then do a bridal watch. Then that’s that! Want to play with paint canvas and glue gun after that. When I can afford some more glue gun sticks in a week!


This sun finally giving a bit of heat off. My black jeans can vouch for that. Now to finish my coffee.


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