A new opportunity

Well he we are, as promised must tell you about the opportunity I have grasped onto.

Basically on Facebook, a place Tailored Sewing Solutions was advertising for crafters. Had to enquire didn’t I! Basically the deal is to create projects (one offs and ones that can be done to order/repeated), then send it to them recorded, the put their label on it and market and sell the said item, but you get paid for items needed to make the project and your time etc. So both of us win either way. If it was going to be the case of not getting anything for my effort I would have refused the opportunity but turns out I will get my reward for my efforts money wise which counts.

I will not be able to blast these products all over my pages but that’s fine as will be making own stuff to sell as well which I can advertise as per usual.

This is just a step up and a way for me to make a few extra pennies from doing something I love. Looking forward to first project which we have agreed will start after my holiday, so time to think what it will be amidst the madness.

I will keep you posted on how it goes, but seems promising. They seem a nice bunch and are interested in a variety of my crafts, including wedding crafts, cross stitch projects, framed upcycled items, jewellery, cards, candles, basically all I do. I’m going to be busy!! Also means cross stitch wise I have to design my own things, as don’t want to get done for copyright. Which will be extra fun.


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