The week is here!

It seems two minutes since I mentioned I was going to be bridesmaid for my friend, that was over a year ago! Its now THIS Saturday! Last minute preparations in progress. This is amidst a second shooter photography job at a wedding last weekend and one coming up next weekend. Thankfully weekend after that I am in the beloved Highlands of Scotland for a week.

Last weekends job was fun. After I agreed my friend dropped the bombshell that Channel 4 would be shooting a documentary at that particular wedding as well. The couple were close to and in the 80s, the documentary is so far called “Never to old for love” and due to be aired later in the year. Now I am camera shy, and tried my hardest to dodge the cameras as much as possible, but we have both come to the conclusion it was fruitless and we will have to grin and bear it and cringe when it comes out. Was a fun day all the same and went as smooth as expected for a wedding day for the couple. The next one on 21st, is good, as NO cameras apart from ours. Then there is a break till 2nd July when we go to do a job in Hull, and since its further away we stop overnight in Hull, so a nights break from the rabble at home. In between that me and the better half are going to another wedding as guests in the evening. So, so far that’s 5 weddings within 3 months. Not bad.

As for cross stitch projects, I am now on Dragonfly 2 on the big 32ct material piece I’m working on.

dragonflies 2

I have the feeling I will be filling the flowers in after completed the butterflies. The owls in the meantime are backing up, with 2 and a half still to complete.

Craft Club is going well, more members and more expertise coming into the fold. I have learnt how to crochet from one of the original members now, and its so calming. We have a trip in July to Craft show at Doncaster, which should be fun. Then there is the Gala mid August. I have also been offered a stall at another summer fayre that day too, so mid Craft club stall I will be leaving it in the trusty hands of my fellow crafters while I do my own stall round the corner.

I also have signed up to a new crafty opportunity… this will be explained in a fresh blog! But its all exciting!

In the meantime I am off for my coffee, and hoping don’t miss anything in post whilst at Craft Club later. Tomorrow its wedding nails time with the Bride to be! Think I deserve some pampering!

Ps, I hit a major turning point yesterday regarding my greying hair. I’m starting to accept them, there aren’t loads and realised yup I’m not getting younger and just deal with it. Not even running for the hair dye in desperation no more!

Bye for now!!!


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