Frogs and bad news!

Evening all, not quite good evening etc, as basically life isn’t quite that good at the moment, specially since last week.

We got bad news about Mums health, and the fact it is looking likely that cancer has returned after 6 years free of it, following a battle with Breast Cancer. This time there is a lurker in her bone at bottom of her spine. This time it is less shock and more anger that everything is so far pointing to its return. Early August we will know exactly what is there and the relevant treatment. In the mean time there will be a full body ct scan and head scan, plus any needed MRI scans.

We are trying to get our heads round things, mum seems to be accepting it more than me at the moment. To be honest it has really knocked me over. It takes a lot to hit that switch, and its made me physically as well as mentally drained even though I am trying to just get on with things like Mum has ordered! I very rarely get headaches or body aches, yet been waking up and getting them loads the past week, and it has sent my normally perfect lady cycle of balance. Then there is the lack of patience i have had. Its like last week it all got sucked out of me. What scares me is how my moods are and how teary I have been. I really don’t want to head down depression lane again!

So there we go, life cant get any worse at moment. Hold on….. its school holidays after next Tuesday!! So stress levels in a month COULD get worse! So some super planning on a budget is needed to get us through it. Luckily 2 of those weeks my dear husband is off on leave (should have been 2 separate weeks but switched to help cover a fortnight of night shifts. I can deal with that, as I don’t have to deal with snoring husband syndrome.

Anyway to semi-combat the stress I have completed part one of a new stitch along from the same company I did the owls one.

2016-07-14 14.41.04

Just 11 more to go and sticking to 28ct on this one!

Right best be quick…..chinese food here! In brief I have also……

Started up in a new up and coming MLM which is in prelaunch mode, and is live in mid August.

Become Secretary on a community Group constitution, which Craft Club will be part of.

Had a successful first outing with Craft Club, and now onto planning  the Gala in August, plus a Macmillan Coffee Morning which will be end of September.

Rearranged the plant pots and dealt with the garden and the slugs too!

Plus many many more plans creatively etc to work on, and usual stuff with Avon.

Right food time. See you. I need a drink too after today!!





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