In demand!!

Right I am back. This week has been strangely hectic but lots of fun! Firstly I have been building my Valentina team, which has been great fun and a fabulous confidence builder too. Talking to people, networking, thinking outside the box to get people interested. This company is going to be big. One week and a team of 17 already. Basically i was asked to start at Director level and we have had a big push to get people as founder members.

Secondly, we have been moving Westfield Community Group a step further. A Facebook Page, Email address and thinking about how to get to the heart of what our community wants and needs. Again doing this has made me get to know my community more. The local network has grown. There is a flyer to sort to get people aware of the group and luckily one person is happy to be the face of it at the local gala in August.

Obviously there has been the usual weekly Craft Club, all be it has had to move downstairs in the community centre whilst the kids holiday club is running. But I organised in time so that we had a room to carry on in. We have to organise for the local gala in 2 weeks too. The gazebo has been purchased and its a beauty, 4 sided with a door, stop all the craft stuff blowing away. There is the making table and selling table to organise, a rota with my lovely ladies, and some things like a raffle.

And of course…. it is school holidays time!! 2 little kidlets to keep happy. Which was more than fulfilled today. We went on the Elephant Trail in Sheffield. Basically there are 130 Elephant sculptures dotted round Sheffield and there is a trail to follow. So far we have found 36 in town and 2 in the local shopping centre. Only 92 to go!! A few more hunts needed. We have a few other ideas to keep them happy too. Just waiting for the husband to finish is short night shift stint as he soon has 2 weeks off.

The Frog stitch along has begun!! and frog 2 is complete with 3 and 4 prepped for their clothing. Then I will carry on till all outlines done. And… they all fit on one piece of material. Again a smaller stitch on 28ct material.

Oh and top of all this I have the Avon, need to make some earrings I have been asked to do,  need to convert a photo into a cross stitch chart for a friend, and got something to make for the company i signed up to craft for. As ever I don’t make my life quiet. But its all fine, keeps the old brain ticking!! And a Macmillan Coffee Morning to sort for late September!

As for the garden, its still alive, some plants suffered in the 30 degree heat when the heatwave was upon us. Oh and the fact I never got to enjoy the lilies thanks to the evil slugs and snails!! Think it is time to stick to the plants they hate.

On a less happy note, we have my mums Oncology appointment this coming week, where they will let us know extent of her already 95% prognosis of cancer for the second time. This time in her lower spine, first time was in her breast. But had my mini meltdown and now getting head round it all. Its going to be a rocky few months!

Well think that is brain exhausted already. Sleep time!!







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