Getting ready for the Battle!!

Thought I would do an update after last week. Unfortunately the news was as expected and they told Mum it looks like secondary cancer. Luckily the CT scan showed that it was only in the bone in her pelvic area. Still a battle but better than fighting it in many places. Anyway she has an MRI scan this week to get a better picture of the nasty little blighter in her bone, so they can move forward. She also had a blood test too. Then being referred to Pain Clinic, to control it as it has been causing right trouble. Oh and some steroids to stop any swelling etc round the affected area.

Now its not what we wanted but we have to deal with it and be there for her. We had our meltdown last appointment, but its sinking in. I would not even wish Cancer on my worst enemy (if i had one!). This is our second battle, and if we did it once we can damn well try to do it again! Of course i’m so gutted and know it is going to be a hard time. We find out next steps in just over a week.

I must admit all the initial bone scans, ct scans, oncology appointments, secondary scans etc have all happened within 2 months. All thanks to a very good doctor who said she didn’t feel confident enough about what it could be and fast tracked her to the initial x-ray and bone scan. So they are being amazing with her!!

My heart goes out to all those in similar situations who are going through it for a first time or have had it return like mum. I hate it and would love to scream but anger is going to get us nowhere. That energy needs to be put into the fight ahead!!

I am looking forward to my Macmillan coffee morning to be held in our local community centre and cant wait to start organising soon as the local gala and craft club stall has been done after this weekend!!


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