New Plan of Action!

Right, as you can probably tell my ideas and plans just go mental. Anyway this week I have seen the light.

Out of nowhere after deciding to put some profiles on freelance /Virtual Assistant sites, I got an offer to be a PA to a builder in London, ongoing as and when. Brill I have since been busy on a new website etc, and looking into contract templates for jobs not on current sites. I update my LinkedIn and then get a message from a local lady who needs a VA, and lives in my postcode area to be exact. I now have a meeting with her next week, so fingers crossed for that one. I had been putting this on the back burner and recently decided to give it a go and see what was on the sites. Why did I leave it so long??

After thinking about the crafting for the company in Scotland, where they to sell my stuff and I only get paid when it sells. I have decided that I prefer to craft and sell myself, as the said company has made 1 sale in 3 months. Plus if I am putting all these other bits first where I am guaranteed money via admin work, I cannot stick to the craft commission deadlines for them. So that is now off the menu.

Avon and Valentina……. they will stay as normal. I am happy with those.

Crafts……… as I say are to be made and sold by me, when time to make things.

Craft Club/Westfield Community Group…… another constant, and volunteer work, which also boosts the CV and grows my skills. In fact my DBS check will be here any week! More opportunities as will be covered to work with younger people.

Photography…..this will no longer be a separate entity, I will be still doing it but not so much for events and weddings unless asked by my friend to help her out once in a while. I love the scenery and more commercial photography which I can use on products I craft or get made into cross stitch patterns and canvas prints on request. So this will be an inclusive on the Craft business side once that is up and running.

MORE IMPORTANTLY…..My Mum who has had the news that her cancer can only be controlled/contained (thankfully with it being caught very early), she is number one in the list. They are being cautious as these secondary cancer cells can apparently be volatile if pushed too much and zoom everywhere. So a little blast of radiotherapy and see what happens via what will now be a lifetime of scans and check ups. Tamoxifen to suppress cells, for good now I think. And being the sort of Cancer it is ie in the bone and in a dodgy area (hence cant remove), making sure we enjoy life more as a family. She has even gone into a weird positive mode, wanting a new hair style (which suits her even more) and the fact she wont lose her hair as such at this point in the cancer as early, plus generally realising to herself that time to treat herself more. I am glad because we will not sit back and be glum, we will still hate the cancer, but time to get most out of life when its possible.

So there you go, an odd week of realisation and motivation!!

Oh and to top it all off, my tiniest being is 3 today!!! Time flies!!!

Over and out  for now folks x



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