Moving forward…..I hope!

Well hello there! It’s September, the kids are back, and I have peace and quiet every morning now!!

How is life at the moment you may ask?

Hmmm, strange one really. Brilliant on one side, the Admin business moving ahead, got 3 leads to follow, and 1 client. Met some good new arty friends recently, wrote a poem someone want to illustrate, and feel really motivated. Moving along with Avon and Valentina as best I can. Building my team as much as possible with Valentina, well the ones who make an effort to communicate at least.

On the other side of it all, not only mum has cancer, but her sister has been diagnosed with early breast cancer. Double whammy hey! We had to fork out money we don’t have when car broke down last week, and now the dear husbands employers are “re-structuring” again, so we aren’t sure if they want to now make him part time, which is not an option if we want to eat and have a roof over our heads (so they better have a way of keeping his hours full time).

Oh I am currently doing the Cancer Research Dryathlon and really feel need wine after that last news, but i will resist. Got a Macmillan coffee morning in planning stages too. I like to be busy!

Of course there is wonderful Craft Club, looking forward to that tomorrow as ever, and on the search for extra funding for that too!

Oh I also have a new work area, where the unused kitchen table once stood, loving it!

Right this lady is getting back to work. Enjoy your days and keep positive!



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