When will we get some luck?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse! Mums cancer, her sister’s  cancer, and now…. Dad’s health worrying doctors, and hubby’s job and high chance of having to take redundancy!

How we deserve it i have no idea. Anyway I have been doing calculations till numbers come out of my ears. Basic best option is jump ship regards Si’s job. How they think a person can live on a 23 hour a week wage from a 36.5 hour a week wage,  have no clue. Means you don’t even get Working Tax Creds as under 24 hours. And including tax creds and child benefits  we would be over £200 worse off a month. So after having been demoted last March with a £3000 pay drop to them trying to drop him now  a further £5000, it is time to get out before they try to pull another fast one on him and other employees. We are best taking the Statutory Redundancy money (which they cannot unfairly cap like they would if he accepted dropped hours), and we would be better off! Still would get the tax creds we get normally etc, and he can retrain and ditch retail altogether hopefully. Plus I will be constantly working on  my new Admin business all the while, plus my MLM businesses.

As for Dad’s health. He has lost more weight for no reason, and he is starting to forget things alot. Now the doctor wants to test his memory and do more bloods to get to the root of his weight loss. I am truly hating my parents going downhill so fast.

On a good note, the kids are settled back at school, Craft club is going fine, I have my DBS check, and I have a few ideas to work with on various things. Plus looking forward to moving towards getting 2 new local clients via my business, whom I have been talking to and discussing needs etc.

I am also planning the Macmillan coffee morning, which is moving ahead well. Got some fun games planned, and the raffle prizes are good!

Anyway time to get my smallest sprog to bed. We are on turnaround 3 of Monster University in the living room, and will soon be reciting the script if we aren’t careful!


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