Hello October!

Evening all,

Welcome back to my world of madness, and now we are in October! If you know why the rest of the year has scurried off so quick, I would love answers!

Anyway, as ever, the madness aka bout of rotten luck is still lingering. Dad not well at all and back and forth to hospital for tests to see why. Mums side effects from her first blast of Radiotherapy has kicked in, hence we haven’t seen her for a few weeks. We are waiting to see when she goes back to check how it affected the cancerous area. And finally, the official part of Simon’s work options period isn’t through till the end of October. Now the way they have dealt it from start is very cack handed, so now the possible options and ideas are only just flying about, and they are only just applying to head office to see if Redundancy would be an option. We are not getting hopes up until we have a definite answer on that, and more solid facts on other workable options. I would love to be all super positive about it all, but feel this would be like heading towards falling flat on one’s face! So keeping all options open. It will obviously feel like a long month because of this, but we must forge ahead. Something will get sorted but we don’t exactly know how just at this moment.What I can say is we will and have to keep our family fed, clothed and healthy, no matter what!

Now whats next!! Ah yes, the Macmillan Coffee Morning. This was my first time at organising such an event, for such a great cause, and a close to the heart cause. I managed to get some pretty wonderful raffle prizes, and the cakes we received on the day were amazing. Lots of people either helped out without needing to ask, donated goods or just came along and supported the cause. I am very grateful to all who got involved in anyway possible! Anyhow, in 3 short hours we made £246!! Very happy and shocked how well the day went. And most importantly, Macmillan reap all the benefits, meaning more help for those in need.

It was also good, as the night before  was welcomed into the Partnership of the Westfield Big Local group. Made alot of sense to join up, since I have been running the Craft Club at the centre since January, and now I am DBS checked want to move ahead and do a Kids version. Which is very relevant, as the feedback at the AGM that night showed people were begging for some kind of Craft club for kids in the area. Now I managed to explain to various people that now I am checked I am already researching this, and looking to get funding in order to trial it out.

My idea is to do 3 trial sessions. One for 3 to 8 year olds, one for 9 yr olds upwards, and one for those with special needs such adhd/Autism/Aspergers. Each trial session would be molded to the sort of needs each group would benefit from. So at the minute it is a case of totting up what costs would be for a trials worth of materials, and what these materials would be, and when funding arranged, get it and sort a date for each one. So research involved!

As regards work for me, as always Avon is the old faithful, chugging along as usual. Valentina, I’m still working on that, as it seems a slow starter. Even though after yesterdays Macmillan Morning, people took interest in the leaflets, so fingers crossed. And…. yes I must be mad…. Ive decided to trial another one that does wax melts and candles as and when I can do so. BUT all these come behind my main target of the Admin business, which is the more important thing to concentrate on. I have 2 potential clients who have asked me to hold on till the end of October, before starting contracts for them. That is all fine, and my patience should be a good quality that should pull the contracts closer to finishing stages. I do have the London client via the freelancer site but that is just hours here and there at the minute, and it is a case of asking if there is anything he needs doing, at quieter moments. But look at it this way, I am on the bottom rung of the VA ladder and appreciate that patience and hard work will get me further up the ladder.

On the crafting side of things, I actually got my Jewellery making bits out and made the Clip on earrings that I was commissioned to do a while ago. 10 pairs done in one night, and the Jewellery mojo seems to be back. I have plans to make a nice necklace for myself next, using some of the fancy beads I acquired at the craft show in July.

I also managed to complete the background for all the frog on the latest Stitch a long. I don’t get the final frog till around Christmas time so well prepared and meant I got to do the Owl bonus chart I got for completing the Owls on time. It calms me so must always have some stitch project on the go!!

Oh conkers!! yes conkers!! Its that time of year where we cannot go to and from school without ending up with pockets full of them. But now its twice as bad, as Ruth now likes to collect them too. I have now put a stop on it, as we have 213 conkers in a basket in the kitchen, serving no purpose at all. We do not need any more!!

Hmmm, trying to think if there is anything else to share with you all, but either its late and my brain closing down, or my life doesn’t get anymore interesting. You decide!

In the mean time, I will leave you with a few pictures of my crafty stuff and a few from the Macmillan Coffee Morning!


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