Good news….. at last!!

Ok for those not in the loop, the latter end of 2016 has so far proved to be an utter ARSE pardon my french! Problems we cannot solve i.e. Mum’s secondary cancer diagnosis, and my Aunt’s first Breast cancer diagnosis, and my Dad’s health issues. Then problems there can be a solution for in some way shape or form.

Well after over a month ago of being told by Si’s employers that his hours were going to be dramatically cut, throwing us all into disarray worrying how we would feed the kids and keep mortgage running etc, if he did have to do the lower hours (seriously some employers do not think we have mouths to feed and houses to keep!)….. we had some well awaited news today. So after throwing off his suggestions, offering absolutely useless solutions to us, etc, they offered him a day shadowing a team leader in an express store a week ago, plus an impromptu interview! Heard nothing, then Friday said oh well Express personnel say there are no roles out there at moment. Leaving us yet again feeling rubbish over the weekend and still in limbo.

Fast forward to this morning, and an unexpected call from the hubby while he is at work. He was dragged in to personnel today first thing, and told a team leader in the city had handed in his notice! Offered him the job there and then.

This has just highlighted how much stress this whole thing had put me through, all I have wanted to do all day is cry with relief that this final horrible chapter is ending. We have managed to keep a full time role, which is going back to what it was before he was demoted along with a majority of team leaders in larger stores. The wage goes up to what it used to be. Meaning a little better off than we are currently. Its taken a long time or so it seems to get this. All we wanted was to keep our little tribe alive and fed and clothed, with a secure roof over our heads…. that is what was so worrying to me, and now that is one huge weight off my shoulders and Si’s too obviously.

So you know what….. I am now allowed to hunt for a holiday for next year…. a well needed one.

So wherever this spurt of good luck was hiding, I am hoping it is back for a while, and works on me getting the clients I am in talks with for my business, then I will be contributing a part time wage from home to add to what Si gets!

Maybe we could start to be less stressed now, because these past few months have not been the best.

Just a shame we can’t fix Dad, Mum and her Sister 😦 I would if i could!!


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