No need to ask how I am feeling hey???

Don’t get me wrong, this weeks news has really lifted me, but WOW getting my focus the latter end of the week has proved to be a struggle. Especially the last 2 days. Yes mainly due to the kids….. running at one very high volume only, not listening, being super sensitive amongst other things. Plus sleep could have been better for me this week!!

This has ended up with me being overtired, mentally drained, and concentration at a low level.

But get this…. it is school holidays for a week now. I have feeling I will be ready for an institute by next Friday.

Luckily my VA task at the moment is pretty simple so thinking if I crack on with a bit more tomorrow when had a bit of sleep. Maybe cram a few hours in! As looks like I am going nowhere tomorrow now laddo saying he has tummy ache, and the hubby doing overtime most of the day.

Oh,I have started a new cross stitch though, which I think is the perfect wind down plan after typing this and clearing my thoughts a bit. Here it is so far….

2016-10-22 11.04.41.jpg

and the frogs so far….

2016-10-19 21.06.00.jpg

So let us see how a good nights sleep will affect my mood!! No wonder I am getting greys already!


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