Hardwork gets you everywhere!

Well, what can I say?! Over 3 years hard work and I have done it! I have made it to Presidents Club in Avon. Hit the target in sales and finally some recognition for my labours will be given. Obviously its February till the special do for those in the club but I am amazed, shocked and excited! My Team Leader can’t wait either as we can go together. A good leader gets you ahead, and she has always been there to help.

I have given up on the Valentina Lockets. No sales and lack of help and guidance from the higher ranks, plus team members dropping out at the speed of Usain Bolt. A lot weren’t even communicating as much as I tried to with them.

So the current concentrations are the VA business, Avon and Darceys Candles. May have a blast with Acti-labs since joined up for the kit too. Darceys is fab too, and have customers already. I am in early stages of setting up for the Black Friday Facebook Party I am going to hold too.

Jewellery wise, nothing is more fun than making my own one off pieces, so that’s the way forward for me.

We got the funding for Craft Club approved recently too. Which is a great boost when it comes to getting kids version up and running. That is another thing where I am concentrating on sorting things, also the one for special needs children. All go isn’t it!

Apart from all this busy stuff, I am hibernating as much as possible, and getting used to Simon’s ever changing weekly shifts as he is now a Team Leader. But these early nights mean PJs on at 5pm and snuggles with the monkeys.

There are my stitching projects at the moment. The Frogs and the Scottish scenery one. Will update with a pic of those soon. I just need this year to carry on at this higher note, compared to the past months, and let 2017 start well. Fingers crossed for that!

Mum had her new Macmillan nurse round this week, and they are fab, setting the ball rolling for all kinds of help. Plus they know how disjointed so far departments have been sorting appointments and not communicating, so are now the go between and will kick ass where needed. Mum is not getting rid of this cancer so the best care is needed.

Right well I am off, stuff to do, been a chill day, and I am trying to shake off a lovely cough courtesy of the kids!


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