Planning for 2017 already

Its been a mad few weeks. I honestly have felt drained and tired, then started with what I thought a cold, only to end up as Flu, and losing my voice (which I am prone to do when things get bad). Still trying to get energy levels back up, but at least today the brain has started working again, and I have managed to sort a few things after a week of doing not a lot to be honest. Got some catching up on hours for my VA client now though.

Anyway I have decided 2017 is going to be simple and clear cut. I have found the new MLM sales business I actually like, that also works great alongside Avon. So no more MLM businesses to be added…. just stick to Darceys and Avon. This makes time to concentrate on growing the VA business. Plus community activity wise due to feeling that it was sort of conflicting with the Big Local, the Community group will be put on hold. Plus with me already on the Big Local Partnership, I will make sure our clubs are looked after. I also am waiting for a date to trial an after school kids craft club, which was always a plan I wanted to make sure happens. This may now start in January though. My friend is also setting up a craft group across town, and since I have decided to do less on the card making side at home, I am going to do her a starter pack of donations! We have enough at Craft Club here anyway so to another good cause the bits go!

I did secure funding for the craft clubs too, after thinking they had decided not to fund, they had just lost the application in the system. Then they phoned me and we got it pushed through. So here’s to some moving forward for craft club, which is almost a year old. We are holding a stall at the local school fayre this coming week too, as well as the week after a coffee and craft fair style event at the community centre.

So put in simple terms 2017 = S20 Admin, Avon with a splash of Darceys, and Craft Clubs. Oh and see if can get the Special needs group set up with a little help from the experience of those who live with the needs in question. Then I am hoping this has freed up time to get making and selling for myself. As much as I love the things some MLM businesses have on offer, I miss doing my own bits and have loads of things and ideas to work on. So much more individual and unique. Maybe I have had to take this journey to realise this. Don’t get me wrong some opportunities are fab and as found with Avon, sell themselves (as does Darceys), but I miss making things.

On another great note to the almost end of the year, I did smash the target to get into the Avon Presidents Club. Oh shocking times, means getting a nice outfit for a party early next year now.

Who has enjoyed the Black Friday deals then? I behaved, treated the kids a little, got an Amazon Fire Stick ready for ditching Sky, and the hubby treated me to software for my VA business. Why get deals just because it is cheap when you don’t NEED it.

Oh and shock horror ….. something I had given up on going to is now booked!! My brother decided he would go to the Travis gig with me!!!! Oh how fast did I book the tickets????? ermm within minutes you could say. It has been too long since me and the bro did anything social as siblings!! So the Travis countdown is ON!!!

Mum has been having visits from the Macmillan Nurse assigned to her and they are doing so much for her it is amazing. She seems more at ease and happier now. As ever it will be a long long life journey, and since my Aunt also has breast cancer, I have decided to see a doctor to enquire about regular checks after mum suggested it. I’m not getting any younger apparently (Thanks Mum!!) and it is best safe than sorry. I agree with her 110%. Oh and on a sour note my Mum and Aunt now know how little their loving Mother cares about their situations. In her words to my Aunt, ” The fact her daughters both have cancer doesn’t and won’t bother or worry her!”, this was followed by her lying about having Cancer herself. It took me a while to cool down after I heard that. Wonder why I haven’t seen her for years (she doesn’t speak to me anyway as I called Ruth after my dear and well loved deceased Nan who I adored). You can’t choose family eh!

Well I think I have gabbled on enough and my head hurts so I am orrffffff dear viewers. The adult child/hubby working tomorrow, so it is me and the dear kidlets tomorrow, so lots of telling them to quieten down like today!

Night folks!!!


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